VoIP Service for Accountants

Accountants need to have strong communication skills to help clients make smart business decisions. One great way that accountants can further enhance their communication solutions is by providing top quality service to their clientele by using a VoIP phone system. With the use of a robust VoIP phone solution, accounting firms can help improve employee productivity and enhance the quality of their customer service.

Voip-Info can serve as your reference guide to all things VoIP. We provide a comprehensive overview of VoIP software, hardware, reviews, configurations, tips, and standards to help your accounting firm make the transition to VoIP smooth and efficient.

What are some of the Advantages of Using VoIP in Accounting?

Accountants need a robust communication solution like a VoIP phone system to help them manage and deliver accurate information for business performance, evaluation, and financial planning.

Whether it's in delivering exceptional customer service and support or providing accountants with mobility, collaboration, and productivity capabilities, a VoIP phone system can help accounting firms in the following ways:

  • Ensuring that all crucial and relevant data is safe and secure. VoIP uses a standardized encryption protocol to prevent a data breach and to help businesses keep sensitive data safe and secure at all costs. Most VoIP providers have teams that ensure an efficient communication channel that combines security and reliability.
  • Responding to client calls and inquiries in real-time. VoIP functions such as call routing, call waiting, and find me/follow me enable accountants to answer client calls promptly. Setting up the find me/follow me feature allows accountants to forward incoming calls to their other extensions (such as a home line and a personal mobile device). In this way, they can still answer calls from clients during after-hours or even when they are outside of the office, ensuring that the caller will always "find" them.
  • Streamlining time tracking, reporting, and billing. A VoIP phone system can be integrated with applications that are used for billing, time tracking, and creating reports in real-time. For example, a hosted VoIP provider like BroadView Networks offers the OfficeSuite platform that includes reporting and analytics. This unified communication solution can help accountants improve their mobility through a variety of features such as video conferences, chats, presence, and more.
  • Promoting collaboration through an efficient communication system. Through easy to use productivity and mobility features such as instant messaging, file sharing, mobile apps, and call conferencing (including video conferencing), a VoIP phone system can allow accounting firms to efficiently deliver clear and precise information to help support clients and decision makers.

What are some Powerful VoIP Features that will Benefit Accountants?

A VoIP phone system with a powerful suite of enterprise-grade features can give accountants the capability to support each client's evolving financial and accounting needs.

Accountants must keep up with data, figures, and reports in their daily jobs, so they need a robust VoIP phone solution that can help them store, manage, retrieve, and deliver crucial information for their clients, creditors, debtors, and affiliate companies.

By integrating a billing software system with a VoIP phone system, accountants can support business intelligence and enhance revenue recognition by providing accurate reports and data to decision makers. Through the Call Accounting system, accountants can keep track of all calls and allow them to generate reports, view statistics, and compare earnings, all of which can be exported to applications such as Excel and QuickBooks. This way, accountants can give clients the information they need to manage their customers and employees. Aside from generating reports, some software-based VoIP billing solutions also support electronic invoicing for postpaid accounts and real-time credit card clearing.

Another great feature of VOIP is time logging. With the use of a VoIP-enabled time logging application, accounting firms will know how much time has been devoted to complete the project for each client, then use this as a basis to bill clients for the services performed. Also, VoIP features such as call analytics and call logs/reports can help accountants handle daily time tracking, too.

Furthermore, VoIP's ability to integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) solutions can allow accounting firms to collect, store, manage, and retrieve vital customer information. Through a VoIP-enabled CRM system, accountants can keep detailed notes about their clients and automatically access this information during calls. This way, accountants can understand their clients' needs and provide them with in-depth solutions and a more personalized customer service experience.

How Can VoIP Reduce Costs for Accounting Firms?

A VoIP phone system is more affordable than a plain old telephone service (POTS) because it is easy to use, offers reduced long distance call charges, and allows accounting firms to use BYOD solutions.

Installing a VoIP system can help accounting firms cut equipment and service costs because the VoIP providers are the ones who will handle the updates and system maintenance. Because of this, accounting firms do not need to hire dedicated IT personnel or staff to install the new equipment or perform system updates.

Also, accounting firms can reduce infrastructure costs because a VoIP phone system transmits data and voice communications over an IP network. As long as there is a stable Internet access with enough bandwidth, there is no need to use a public switched telephone network (PSTN) or old copper wires to make or receive calls.

And by using a virtual number (also known as direct inward dialing (DID) or access number), accountants can make and receive international or long distance calls for a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone system. Instead of paying high for long distance call rates, a virtual number (provided by a VoIP service provider) can give accounting firms a local presence so they can make calls to long distance locations and make it appear that the calls are initiated from within the county or state.

Plus, VoIP providers allow accounting firms to BYOD (bring your own device) so that accountants can make and receive calls and messages using their personal mobile devices such as laptops and smartphones. Because of this, accounting firms can save money on hardware or equipment purchases. Choosing a BYOD option also helps reduce the learning curve associated with new technology, saving time and frustration on your staff's part.

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