VoIP Service for Dental Offices

In a dental office or practice, a reliable telephony system is essential to strengthen communications to optimize client engagement and to improve patient care. By taking advantage of a cutting-edge communication platform like a VoIP phone system, a dental practice can streamline daily tasks, enhance employee mobility, and create a pleasant and professional calling experience for clients.

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What are some Key Benefits of Using VoIP in a Dental Office?

A VoIP phone system can help dental offices optimize client engagement, streamline daily business operations, and improve the flow of information across all channels while reducing costs.

Large call volume and poor voice quality are two factors that can affect daily operations in a dental practice. By making the switch to a reliable telephone system like VoIP, a dental office can efficiently handle a large volume of calls and also deliver superior call quality.

VoIP phone systems offer a comprehensive set of call management and productivity features that can help a dental office streamline and automate their business operations, thus delivering top quality service and boosting their business' bottom line in the following ways:

  • Presenting a professional and pleasant call experience. A VoIP-enabled unified communication (UC) solution can foster more productive and meaningful conversations. Through mobile applications and system integrations, VoIP has the power to deliver accurate and relevant patient details during every patient interaction. This, in turn, provides patients with highly individualized care and service to enhance the client experience.
  • Building stronger relationships. Delivering messages and transferring calls either to another dentist, staff members, or department personnel is more fluid through the use of a VoIP phone system. The call forwarding and find me/follow me features of VoIP can help dental assistants route all calls from the office right to their personal mobile extensions. Also, by using the enterprise calling features included with a VoIP service, dentists can easily talk to their patients and answer inquiries from potential clients in a timely manner, thus enhancing patient engagement by providing them with the support during emergencies or whenever they need it.
  • Providing cost-saving benefits and increasing their bottom line. A VoIP phone system can help reduce infrastructure, service, and maintenance costs. Because VoIP operates on an IP network where data and voice can be transmitted using a single terminal, a VoIP phone solution can reduce monthly phone bills by eliminating the need to utilize a dedicated PSTN phone line. Also, a VoIP phone solution can further reduce expenditures because the VoIP provider will be the one to handle system upgrades and maintenance. Aside from these benefits, international and long distance calls are more affordable through the use of virtual numbers, which can establish a local presence in various locations. And through the use of softphones and BYOD offers, a dental office can lessen operation costs, too.

What are some Productivity Features of VoIP that Help Deliver Quality Service in a Dental Practice?

A VoIP phone system offers a plethora of tools to help dentists and staff members enhance the quality of their services and create a natural and meaningful interaction with patients.

A dental practice needs to have a robust VoIP phone system that streamlines the management of daily tasks to help deliver quality customer service in as genuine and as effortless as possible. Through VoIP's enterprise features, dentists can have the best communication tools to power their dental office.

Two of the most popular VoIP tools that can help enhance employee mobility, improve productivity, and streamline daily operations in a dental office are the day/night mode and hunt group features. The day/night mode feature helps a dental staff member to assign calling rules during business hours (daytime) and after-hours (nighttime). This way, incoming calls can be routed to any extension, either to a home phone or a personal mobile device, and store voicemails to help a dental staff address each call during business hours.

With the line hunting (commonly known as hunt group) feature, a dental assistant can hunt for an available dentist or staff member by routing incoming calls to various phone extensions. With this advanced call routing tool, clients can easily get in touch with their dentists or any staff members anywhere at any time. Whether it's answering appointment inquiries or dealing with a dental emergency, the hunt group feature can help ensure that all calls are addressed in real-time.

Also, using an auto attendant can help efficiently manage the flow of calls in a dental office. By serving as a virtual receptionist, an auto attendant can deliver a pleasant and professional calling experience by providing personalized greetings and announcements to clients during holidays, weekends, and other important events. This way, dentists and staff members can build rapport and create a stronger doctor-patient relationship by ensuring that all calls will be answered promptly. An auto attendant can also be configured to provide directions to the office or instruct the caller as to what to do during emergency situations.

What are some Powerful VoIP Integrations that Can Improve Mobility and Enhance Patient Care in a Dental Office?

A VoIP phone system provides a seamless communication solution that can help a dental practice operate more efficiently by serving up useful information that can help promote meaningful conversations.

By taking advantage of a robust and reliable VoIP phone solution, a dental office can provide an efficient communication channel that builds rapport and enhances collaboration between dentists, dental staff members, and patients.

Using a VoIP-enabled Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can provide a dental office an efficient communication tool that offers quick access to relevant data and essential communication options. With a CRM integration, dental offices can keep all relevant client information organized so that when patients call, dentists or staff members can easily access medical histories, notes, appointments, billing details, and more. Because of this, a dental practice can create a more personalized service and promote meaningful conversations that can help build stronger relationships with patients.

Additionally, integrating mobile applications such as review apps and report apps can improve a dental practice's efficiency. Review apps can automate review invitations for patients after their appointments, while report apps can enable dentists and dental assistants to view call data records (e.g. calls answered and missed, daily call volumes, call tracking, and call source) and then analyze the data set to enhance employee productivity and better outreach.

One good example of a productivity application is the RingCentral mobile app for Android. Through a comprehensive set of features such as HD voice, fax, call conferencing, voicemail to email, CRM-integration, and more, RingCentral for Android can provide dentists with the freedom to deliver precise information and send and receive calls across multiple locations over a secure communication channel. Also, this mobile app offers a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution to help dentists reduce the learning curve, save money, and manage their operations even when they are on the go.

Plus, utilizing softphones can enable dentists and staff members to use their personal devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones when making and receiving calls. With the use of softphones, dentists can connect with outside experts and easily talk to their staff members from any device, regardless of their location.

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