VoIP Service for Hotels

The hospitality industry is a demanding and booming business that requires an efficient communication system to help hoteliers deal with client requests , to coordinate events, to manage employee schedules, and to deliver accurate information across different departments. By using a robust communication platform like VoIP, hoteliers and staff members can boost employee productivity, enhance customer service experience, and improve their bottom line.

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Why Will Hotels Enjoy Using a VoIP Phone Solution?

A VoIP phone solution can help hoteliers provide top-notch customer service by enhancing business processes and improving employee mobility, all while reducing expenditures.

The hospitality industry deals with a huge volume of calls and many different types of people on a daily basis. Because hotel managers and staff members are interacting with customers every minute, it's essential to collaborate and coordinate with all departments to ensure an efficient and smooth business operation. Through a unified communication solution (which seamlessly integrates instant messaging, mobility features, voice, and presence information on a single platform), hotel managers and staff members can easily communicate with one another to provide exceptional service and support for guests.

Aside from enhancing productivity, a versatile VoIP phone system can also help hotel administrators and staff members communicate in real-time and from multiple locations. Through VoIP's robust features such as auto attendant, call routing, and call conferencing (including video conferencing), hotel administrators and staff members can accomplish more tasks and provide their guests with an easy way to access services. With just a phone call, hotel guests can book restaurant reservations, requests for food service, select attractions, and set up wake-up calls.

What are Some Important VoIP Features for Hotels?

A feature-rich VoIP phone system can help hoteliers and staff members communicate effectively to boost operational workflow, to enhance customer service, and to increase the business' bottom line.

Effective communication skills are essential to provide top-notch service and support for hotel guests. This is why many hotels spend a considerable amount of time and money on staff training to help them interact appropriately with guests. Two useful VoIP features that can help hotel administrators conduct successful staff training are the call barge and call monitoring features.

Call barge enables sales managers to easily listen or drop in on live calls for training and quality assurance purposes. Through VoIP's call barge feature, hotel sales managers can help improve service quality and increase customer satisfaction because they can respond to customer inquiries and resolve issues in real-time. Hotel managers can also easily speak to customers so that they get the support and service they need exactly when they need it. On the other part, call monitoring can help hotel administrators keep track of their employees activities by monitoring all incoming and outgoing calls remotely. When customers are not receiving the appropriate level of service they need, hotel managers can easily communicate and coordinate with their staff members to settle customer issues and to deliver the support that they need.

Aside from the productivity features mentioned above, VoIP can be integrated with and used from mobile applications to provide clear and accurate information that can help hotels improve their efficiency of service. For example, PanTerra Networks' SmartBox-UCC app allows users to share and synchronize content for desktops and mobile devices in a seamless manner. When used in hotels, this innovative app can help administrators and staff members share relevant content across different departments and through various communication channels. Also, SmartBox can enable administrators to set custom notifications and personal messages to enhance customer experience.

Additionally, integrating a customer relationship management (CRM) software with VoIP enables hoteliers to manage and deliver all kinds of content or information to increase team efficiency, to improve business culture, to engage clients, and to promote customer loyalty. For example, VoIPstudio's plugin for Salesforce CRM allows users to initiate a call by clicking telephone numbers directly from the control panel. With features like this, hotel managers and staff members can quickly generate customer information to help them deliver more personalized service and enhance interactions with their guests.

Plus, VoIP can be integrated with time and attendance software to help hoteliers and staff members better improve their productivity. By using the time and attendance software, hoteliers can keep track of their staff members' needs as well as adjust employee schedules accordingly. The application can also run reports on employee's attendance and notify hotel managers when employees are early, late or about to be on overtime.

How Can VoIP Help Hotels Cut Costs?

Whether the hotel is an international chain or an independent local business, using VoIP can improve workforce mobility and productivity while reducing operational costs.

Unlike a public switched telephone network (PSTN) that uses copper wiring to transmit analog voice data, VoIP can help to lessen monthly phone bills because the system runs on a single IP network. By utilizing the existing network for voice and data transmission, hoteliers can reduce infrastructure costs because they don't have to use a traditional phone line to make calls.

Aside from this, VoIP can also help hoteliers save up on equipment and maintenance costs because the hosted VoIP service provider will be the one responsible for maintaining the infrastructure in the cloud. Because of this, hotel administrators will no longer need to hire a dedicated IT staff or personnel, thereby cutting service costs.

Through the bring your own device (BYOD) solution, hotel managers and staff members can make use of their personal phones, laptops, and other mobile devices when making calls or sending messages. Using the hotel's virtual private network (VPN), hoteliers can improve workforce mobility because employees can make use of their mobile devices to work on their tasks, answer inquiries from guests, and communicate with their supervisors or managers when they are on the go. Plus, BYOD reduces the learning curve associated with a new technology because users are already familiar with the devices they own.

Additionally, international and long distance call charges will be reduced because VoIP calls are Internet-based. And through virtual numbers, also known as access number or direct inward dialing (DID), VoIP calling can allow hotel administrators and staff members to make international or long distance calls for a fraction of a cost. By providing hoteliers with a telephone number that is not associated with their physical location (the number can be set to any country or area code), callers incur only local call charges while the calls are forwarded to the real phone number through VoIP.

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