VoIP Service for Limo Companies

Whether it's for a birthday, wedding, or corporate affair, a limousine service can add a touch of sophistication to any event. For limo companies looking to improve their service quality, it's best to invest in a robust communication system like a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution to enhance customer service and to boost employee performance and productivity.

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How Does VoIP Help Limo Companies Stay Connected?

VoIP phone systems provide limo companies with an efficient telephony solution to seamlessly manage operations, deliver accurate information, and enhance communication channels for employees, patrons, and prospective clients.

A robust telephony solution like VoIP is essential to help limousine companies strengthen all forms of communication across all channels. Not only does a VoIP phone service helps limo companies create a professional and pleasant atmosphere for customers, but this telephony solution can also keep the fleet up and running seamlessly.

Through a plethora of included enterprise-grade features, system integrations, and mobile applications, a VoIP phone system can aid limo companies in providing top-notch service and support to their workers and clientele in the following ways:

  • Empowering employees by providing them with accurate, real-time information. A VoIP phone system can help deliver timely and accurate information to assist employees, especially those who are always on the road and working from mobile devices. Through efficient communication tools, limo companies can keep their drivers informed about existing road conditions (construction sites, traffic, and more) and schedule changes to ensure the safety of their drivers and passengers.
  • Offering a seamless way to manage calls and deliver messages across multiple platforms and devices from different locations. Using a feature-rich VoIP phone system can help limo companies efficiently manage the flow of information across all levels of their business to enhance customer service experience and to build stronger relationships with their clients.
  • Creating an appearance of a large business with multiple departments. Through VoIP features such as find me/follow me and hunt groups, VoIP can route all incoming calls to numerous extensions, phone numbers, and devices. This way, when customers make a call, limo companies can make sure no call goes unanswered. Companies can also take advantage of extensions or virtual numbers to give the appearance of a large corporation.
  • Making a good lasting impression on patrons and prospective clients. Enterprise-level VoIP features such as an auto attendant and music on hold can help limo companies to professionally and positively represent themselves. Through an auto attendant, limo companies can easily direct all incoming calls to a specific person or department to improve response time and accuracy. The music on hold function paired with a call queuing feature of VoIP can also enhance the calling experience by engaging clients through music, marketing campaigns, or promotions while they are in the call queue.

What are some Important VoIP Features and Integrated Applications for Limo Companies?

Using VoIP-enabled mobile applications and integrated systems can help limo companies manage their business skillfully by improving employee productivity, simplifying business operations, and streamlining the delivery of information.

Powerful call management features included with a VoIP solution such as call forwarding, call conferencing, and more can allow off-site workers (ie. chauffeurs) to stay in touch with their supervisors, managers, and team members using a variety of communication tools like laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, and more. Because of this, remote and mobile workers who are spending most of their time on the road can reach out to office-based employees and ask for their assistance. They can also answer inquiries from patrons and prospective clients in real-time, regardless of their location, because they will always be connected.

Aside from these productivity features, using mobile apps can provide limo companies an easy way to make calls and send messages in real-time. Linking mobile apps with VoIP can help empower limo service administrators and employees to communicate more fluidly with co-workers and customers even when they are outside of the office. Plus, integrating mobile applications with a VoIP phone system can provide limo companies valuable insight into their businesses, keep them connected to their contacts, and even help them to be more productive.

One notable mobile app that can help limo companies easily make and receive calls using personal mobile devices is 8x8's Virtual Office for iOS and Android. With features like softphones, presence, instant messaging, call recording, and web conferencing, limo companies can seamlessly manage how calls are routed throughout their business so that all employees are reachable anywhere at any time.

Additionally, integrating a customer relationship management (CRM) application with a VoIP phone solution enables limo companies to provide a highly personalized service for clients. By linking a CRM system with a VOIP solution, employees can easily access order history, customer notes, and other valuable customer information pertaining to the caller. This way, limo companies can help generate quality reports for advertising and marketing analysis, quickly make follow up calls to clients, and more.

Most VoIP providers offer CRM integrations with their VoIP services to help limo companies improve their service efficiency. For example, RingCentral can be linked with popular applications like Desk, Dropbox, Okta, Google, and more to manage business workflows.

Plus, through virtual numbers (also referenced as virtual extensions) limo companies have the capacity to keep all employees within the same communication system regardless of their location. Because calls can be routed from one extension to another, limo companies can quickly reach out to their workers by eliminating the need to transfer calls to another phone number.

How Can Limo Companies Cut Costs By Switching to VoIP?

VoIP services bring tremendous cost-saving benefits for limo companies by reducing expenses associated with service, maintenance, and equipment.

A VoIP phone system can reduce infrastructure costs by converging data and voice into a single terminal. Because VoIP uses the IP network to connect calls, limousine companies do not need a dedicated telephone line when making calls or sending instant messages. Instead, all forms of communication can be channeled via an existing broadband connection.

The flexible nature of a VoIP phone solution also allows limo companies to scale as needed, adding as many phone lines or extensions to their existing system whenever the time arises (seasonality, company growth, etc.). Because of this, limo companies have the ability to increase or reduce the number of users and pay for what they need instead of paying for a certain capacity.

Also, transitioning to a VoIP phone system can reduce monthly phone bills typically incurred from using a public switched telephone network (PSTN) line because limo companies will not have to pay for per-minute calling rates. Most VoIP providers offer unlimited plans that include local and long distance calling. Plus, a VoIP phone solution enables limo companies to make international calls at a fraction of the cost of a plain old telephone service (POTS).

Additionally, using VoIP mobile applications and system integrations can reduce operational costs. By installing softphone programs, limo companies can take advantage of using desktop computers and mobile devices to send and receive calls and messages. As long as Internet access is available and reliable, limo companies can use mobile devices to connect coworkers and customers without worrying about geographical limits.

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