VoIP Service for Medical and Doctors Offices

In a medical practice, proper communication is crucial in building stronger doctor-patient relationships. This is one of the reasons why a doctor's office needs a reliable telephone system like a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution to promote meaningful conversations and to deliver both timely and accurate information. Through a host of productivity features and system integrations, a VoIP phone solution can help medical practitioners deliver an accurate diagnosis, give clear therapeutic instructions, and optimize patient care.

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What are the Advantages of Using VoIP in a Medical Office?

Doctors offices can take advantage of a VoIP phone solution to improve their information management system, to enhance employee connectivity, and to boost workforce mobility while reducing expenditures.

VoIP is transforming the way doctors, medical staff members, and patients communicate. With calls coming in from patients, family members, insurance carriers, and other health care providers, a medical practice should leverage the use of a VoIP phone system to handle a large volume of calls and messages on a daily basis. By harnessing the power of a VoIP phone system, doctors and medical staff members can efficiently manage incoming and outgoing calls and simplify their operations to boost workforce performance and improve their services.

Aside from the benefits above, a reliable VoIP phone solution can also help doctors and medical staff members streamline operations, lessen costs, and optimize patient care in the following ways:

  • Reducing employee workloads. VoIP enables a medical practice to streamline processes to ease employee workloads by using mobile applications (e.g. clinical and billing software) and system integrations (e.g. customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning).
  • Promoting collaboration and interaction. A VoIP phone system allows doctors, outside experts, and medical staff members to communicate and collaborate in real-time through the use of powerful features such as video conferencing, instant messaging, hunt groups, and more.
  • Managing critical patient data efficiently. A hosted VoIP phone system can provide medical practitioners a way to store and manage important client information, and then instantly access this data to provide more personalized service with every incoming call.
  • Cutting operational costs tremendously. From in-house calls to international and long distance calls, communicating through a VoIP phone system is more cost-efficient when compared to a public switched telephone network (PSTN) line that operates on old copper wires and charges expensive per-minute rates.

What are some Important VoIP Features and System Integrations for a Doctor's Office?

In a medical office, a VoIP phone system provides a host of productivity features that can enhance workforce mobility, improve operational efficiency, and optimize the speed and quality of patient care.

Effective communication can help doctors and medical staff members provide professional and personalized service to each patient. This is one of the reasons why medical offices are harnessing the power of VoIP to streamline their operations and to provide exceptional services to patients.

Popular VoIP features such as an auto attendant and find me/follow me can enhance service and productivity in a medical practice. Through the find me/follow me feature, doctors can easily connect with their patients, staff members, and other healthcare providers even when they are on the go, as the feature rings a succession of numbers until the recipient is located. An auto attendant (also referred to as a virtual receptionist) can also be used to deliver incoming callers with professional and personalized greetings on weekends, holidays, and other special events.

Aside from these mobility features, one important VoIP feature that can help improve interactions and enhance collaboration in a medical practice is video conferencing. By utilizing this VoIP feature, doctors can virtually set up meetings, discussions, and seminars with staff members anywhere, at any time. They can also collaborate with outside experts and share ideas, documents, and files in a secure environment through a call conferencing tool.

Also, VoIP systems help keep a patient's information safe and secure. With the use of a cloud-based VoIP phone solution, a doctor's office can efficiently control and manage the delivery of crucial client information without compromising doctor-patient agreement. Because of this, medical staff members can readily send relevant documents to patients without any hassle. Doctors, staff members, and other healthcare providers can also gather and serve up valuable data, and then use this to assess problems or issues and make the necessary adjustments in their operations.

Using VoIP-enabled mobile applications can also provide fast and easy access to medical records along with other valuable information that can help improve a doctor's practice. For example, ShoreTel's mobility app for iOS and Android provides all the productivity features of VoIP to help physicians and healthcare providers make and receive calls from any location. Through instant messaging, presence, call conferencing (including video conferencing), and other unified (UC) communication capabilities, ShoreTel's mobility app can reduce monthly phone bills and make doctors and staff members more productive and efficient in doing their works.

Plus, integrating a VoIP-enabled hospital information system (HIS) can help physicians and medical staff members manage all aspects of a medical office's operations such as administrative, financial, medical and legal issues and services in a single platform.

What are some VoIP Features that Help Cut Costs and Increase Profits for a Medical Office?

A versatile VoIP phone system can help a doctor's office or medical practice stay connected to patients while reducing overall communication costs.

VoIP phone systems for doctor's offices offer enormous cost-saving benefits. Through a rich set of features, VoIP enables a medical practice to minimize costs on phone system maintenance, service, and upfront equipment costs.

A medical practice can reduce long distance or international call rates by using virtual numbers (referred to as direct inward dialing or access numbers). Through an access number (which is programmed to route incoming calls to a preset phone number) a doctor's office can allow a caller to be charged a local calling rate, regardless of the location of the call.

Additionally, a VoIP phone system can minimize travel expenses associated with regular hospital visits. Through instant messaging and video conferencing, patients with mobility issues can consult with doctors without physically visiting the medical office. On the other hand, doctors can also save time and travel costs because a VoIP phone system can allow them to conduct patient consultations without going to their homes. By utilizing VoIP technology, doctors can see video of their patients, receive test results, or communicate with healthcare providers who are administering the treatment.

Plus, reducing infrastructure costs is also possible through the use of softphones and bring your own device (BYOD) offerings. Doctors and medical staff members can simply install softphone applications on their personal mobile devices and then connect a headset to start receiving or making calls. Through a BYOD solution, VoIP makes it easy for doctors and medical staff members to bring their personal mobile devices from home into the office, and then use these tools to get their work done. Because of these VoIP offerings, doctors and medical staff members do not have to spend time and money on new equipment or system upgrades.

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