VoIP Service for Restaurants

Whether it's a local, independent restaurant or a chain restaurant with multiple locations, restaurateurs can achieve operational efficiency, better service quality, and cost-saving benefits by using a robust communication solution like VoIP. By harnessing the power of a VoIP phone system, restaurant owners can establish their reputation in the market, enhance their operational workflows, and deliver top-notch customer service to their patrons.

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How Can Restaurants Take Advantage of a VoIP Phone Solution?

Restaurant owners and managers can make use of a VoIP phone system to help them deliver top quality dining experience, build stronger relationships with their employees and customers, and increase their bottom line.

From monitoring workers and managing daily business activities to answering customer questions and taking orders from customers, chain and independent restaurants can enhance their processes and services by using a cutting-edge communication system like VoIP.

By making the switch to a robust VoIP phone solution, restaurants can streamline their operational workflows and improve their employees' productivity and mobility in the following ways:

  • Creating a good and lasting impression. With the use of an auto attendant, restaurants can greet customers with a welcoming and pleasing call experience. Because a VoIP system can be configured to offer professional greetings and messages to callers based on holidays and seasons, an auto attendant can serve as a reliable virtual receptionist that offers support to restaurateurs.
  • Simplifying and streamlining operation and process workflows. VoIP's advanced features such as video conferencing, mobile applications, and third party integrations (e.g. customer relationship management software and billing systems) can help restaurants enhance their productivity. For example, integrating a VoIP-enabled time-logging system can help restaurant managers keep track of staff schedules to ensure that all activities inside the restaurant stay fluid and efficient at all times.
  • Improving the accuracy of customer orders. A VoIP phone system can help restaurants facilitate a precise and accurate exchange of information, thus helping workers minimize incorrect orders or avoid incomplete meals.
  • Helping restaurants deal with a large volume of calls and messages. Through a centralized call handling system, VoIP can help restaurants manage a high volume of calls, provide a crystal clear signal, and lessen customer wait time. Aside from this, VoIP features can allow managers and staff members to easily answer inquiries about a restaurant's location, business hours, and other logistical information.
  • Building an excellent reputation. A VoIP phone system can help restaurants establish their brand in the foodservice industry. By making use of VoIP features such as call recording and call monitoring, restaurants can analyze all call detail records (CDR) for marketing purposes. Restaurants can also make use of call analytics to determine the specifics of each call and keep track of the calls made or received throughout the day. With this in hand, restaurant owners can utilize the gathered data to create marketing strategies or promotions that target the needs of their customers.

How Can VoIP Enhance Mobility in Chain Restaurants?

A VoIP system provides a robust and efficient communication solution that helps chain restaurants send and receive accurate information in real-time, therefore easily and conveniently communicating with employees across multiple locations.

The flexible nature of VoIP allows restaurateurs to connect with their managers and staff who are working in different places through a centralized communication hub. In this way, a VoIP phone system can help restaurant owners manage and operate their business in a seamless manner by streamlining the exchange of information in multiple sites.

Through a rich set of features, VoIP empowers restaurateurs to setup and configure their phone system based on their needs. In this way, restaurants can simplify their operations to enhance their workers' performance while saving time. For example, 8x8's easy to use web-based administration portal, called the Account Manager, allows restaurant owners to setup extensions, ring groups, auto attendant, and other features that can enhance mobility. Also, through VoIP's standard features such as hunt groups and find me/follow me, restaurants can easily respond to call inquiries and address client issues. Because of this, restaurant employees can work together to enhance their performance and provide customers with top quality service.

Aside from those features mentioned above, one important VoIP feature that allows chain restaurant owners to manage their business more fluidly is the video conferencing feature. Through a video conferencing feature, restaurant owners can assemble their staff and conduct virtual meetings and seminars, regardless of their locations. As long a there is a reliable Internet connection, VoIP allows restaurant owners to set up a virtual meeting with their geographically dispersed staff members.

Additionally, a VoIP-enabled unified communication solution can efficiently connect the various moving parts of a restaurant chain. For instance, marketing strategies from the central office can communicate and collaborate with on-site workers to share ideas and come up with highly engaging promotional campaigns.

Plus, VoIP allows restaurants to implement a bring your own device (BYOD) solution. Because of this, employees can conveniently make and receive calls through their personal mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

What are some Cost-saving Benefits of Using VoIP in Restaurants?

A VoIP phone system can yield tremendous cost-saving benefits by allowing restaurateurs to reduce operation, maintenance, and infrastructure costs while offering a solid return on investment.

Compared to a plain old telephone service (POTS) that works on old copper wiring, a VoIP phone system provides restaurant owners with an efficient communication channel that combines voice and data in a single network. Through a high-speed data line, VoIP allows managers and staff members to make and receive messages from one restaurant branch to another without worrying about long-distance phone rates. And because VoIP operates on an IP network, restaurant owners eliminates the need to make use of traditional phone line to make and receive calls. Thus, reducing operational costs while boosting their business' communication method.

For chain restaurants with operations around the world, using a robust VoIP phone system can help streamline communication and reduce operational and infrastructure costs. By opting for a unified communications channel, employees from different branches and offices can enjoy a more fluid exchange of information in one powerful platform that integrates IP telephony, mobile features, instant messaging, and audio and video conferencing.

Also, softphones allow employees of various restaurant branches to receive and make calls from their personal mobile devices. Because of this, chain restaurants can reduce their monthly phone bills by eliminating the need for a public switched telephone network (PSTN). Plus, through on-network calling, all calls made between IP phones with the same service are free of charge.

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