VoIP Service for Taxi Companies

In the transportation industry, effective communication is crucial for streamlining the delivery of information and simplifying business processes to help empower taxi operators, dispatchers, remote workers, and customers. By using a robust communication system like a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution, taxi operators and transportation companies can improve their customer reach, handle large call volumes, deliver top-notch customer service, and increase their bottom line.

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What Will Taxi Operators and Transportation Companies Enjoy About Using a VoIP Phone System?

A robust VoIP phone system can help taxi operators and transportation companies streamline their communications in various channels to improve employee productivity and to deliver accurate information

Clear and concise delivery of information (audio, text, and video) is essential to better serve both taxi operators and transportation companies. By switching to a fully-featured VoIP phone solution, taxi operators and transportation companies can skillfully improve their communications and empower both off-site and office-based employees in the following ways:

  • Giving employees the freedom to work on the road or remotely while simultaneously improving productivity. A robust VoIP phone solution can help taxi operators, drivers, and employees in a transportation company stay connected at all times. Through the productivity and call management features included with VoIP (such as call routing, find me/follow me, call conferencing, instant messaging, and more), both off-site and office-based workers can easily collaborate and communicate with each other. By providing a clear communication channel, VoIP can help drivers and operators quickly reach out to the central office for assistance during emergencies. Also, office workers can easily respond to off-site employees and help them resolve issues with directions, traffic conditions, roadblocks, and more via a reliable VoIP service
  • Reducing long distance and international calling rates on top of lessening infrastructure costs. A VoIP phone system can help to reduce monthly phone bills because it utilizes the existing Internet connection instead of an analog phone line to make and receive calls. Most VoIP phone service providers also offer third-party system integrations and mobile applications to help enhance taxi and transportation communication channels while cutting maintenance, equipment, and service costs, too. Plus, choosing a hosted VoIP solution can help taxi and transportation companies lessen the cost of long distance and international calling rates through the use of virtual numbers and free on-network calling.
  • Managing the flow of information in a seamless and secure manner. A VoIP phone system integrates data and voice into one network, thus helping employees deliver valuable information through one centralized hub. Because of this, taxi operators and transportation companies can provide their workers with the tools they need to easily communicate with each and to enhance customer service support in addition to overall response time. Also, through a hosted VoIP system, taxi operators and transportation companies can store, manage, and access valuable data in the cloud. This way, employees can share audio, text, and video files in a safe and secure manner.

What are some Powerful VoIP Features for Taxi and Transportation Companies?

Packed full of features, a robust VoIP phone solution allows taxi operators and transportation companies to effectively manage their fleet and to upgrade their customer service.

A versatile VoIP phone system helps taxi operators and transportation companies improve their services and manage their businesses seamlessly through a variety of features and integrated applications. Unlike a public switched telephone network (PSTN) that runs on outdated circuit-switches and copper wiring, a robust VoIP phone solution comes with powerful productivity features such as an auto attendant, find me/follow me, hunt groups, call routing, and more. These enterprise-grade features can help facilitate rapid communication between transportation companies and taxi operators with their customers by routing calls to a specific department or personnel.

Also, using a unified messaging (UM) solution that can centralize all communication types (e.g. instant messaging, voicemails, conferencing, and more) can help taxi and transportation companies aid their mobile workers. Through UM solutions, both on-site employees and geographically dispersed workers can efficiently manage their schedules and tasks and even resolve fleet issues in real-time via an easy to use system dashboard.

Aside from included enterprise-grade features and unified messaging tools, a VoIP phone system can be combined with innovative mobile applications and system integrations to boost employee productivity, to save valuable time and money, and to help build stronger customer relationships. Here are some important, powerful VoIP system integrations that empower taxi operators and transportation companies:

Dispatch Software - Integrating dispatch software with VoIP allows transportation companies and taxi operators to seamlessly manage all callers requesting different levels of service. Using dispatch software enables drivers to respond to incoming calls and recall each caller's customer history. Some dispatch systems are even equipped with automatic number identification (ANI) and calling line identification (CLI) that can help determine the caller, thereby allowing taxi operators and transportation companies to offer personalized service.

Online Payment System - Integrating an online payment system with VoIP can help transportation companies and taxi operators handle their accounts and invoices in a seamless way. With the use of an online payment system, customers can easily make payments (based on the distance traveled) so that dispatchers can merge the receipts and revenue details to help them complete requests more fluidly.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Application - A VoIP-enabled ERP applications such as a fleet management system can help taxi operators and transportation companies to seamlessly manage their operations by providing detailed reports on the locations of their drivers. Through the fleet management application, transportation companies and taxi operators can check drivers licenses and their status, and view the status of their fleet (whether they are waiting for use, parked, or currently in transit on the road). This way, taxi operators and transport companies can have full access and control over the management of their fleet.

Additionally, using softphone solutions can help transportation companies and taxi operators improve employee mobility and reduce the learning curve through a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) offering. By installing softphone programs and mobile apps on personal mobile devices (especially those working off-site), taxi operators and transportation company administrators can enable their workers to send and receive messages, anywhere at any time. As long as there is a stable Internet connection, remote workers can use their personal laptops, tablets, and smartphones to manage their schedules, send emails and files, and make calls to their supervisors and coworkers using VoIP.

What are the Cost-Saving Benefits of Using a VoIP Phone Solution?

VoIP phone systems deliver significant savings to transportation companies and taxi operators by reducing infrastructure, service, and maintenance costs.

VoIP phone systems offer tremendous cost-saving benefits to transportation companies and taxi operators by reducing manpower, equipment, and labor costs associated with traditional phone systems. Unlike a plain old telephone service (POTS) that operates on outdated copper wire lines and bulky equipment, a VoIP phone system can make and receive calls over the Internet by converting audio into data packets. This way, VoIP eliminates the need for a dedicated public switched telephone network (PSTN) line, thus lessening monthly phone bills and costly long-distance charges.

Also, a VoIP mobile application can reduce phone bills because it no longer requires transportation companies to make calls over a landline. Because VoIP uses a data connection, transportation company administrators and taxi operators can keep track of their remote workers while seamlessly managing business operations in the central office.

Additionally, installing softphone applications on laptops, tablets, and smartphones can allow geographically dispersed employees to receive and make calls on the go. With the use of softphones, drivers, taxi operators, and employees can reduce monthly phone bills by limiting the use of a PSTN line or a cellular service. Using softphones also does not require expensive hardware or costly system upgrades, so taxi operators and transportation companies can significantly increase savings by reducing equipment expenditures.

Plus, VoIP phone systems grant taxi operators and transportation companies the option to implement a BYOD solution. By using BYOD, taxi operators and transportation company administrators do not have to pay for system upgrades, maintenance service, and new mobile devices because their employees can use their personal mobile devices to make calls and perform daily tasks. This way, VoIP can further reduce expenses while simultaneously making the learning curve minimal and improving workforce productivity.

VoIP Service Providers for Taxi Companies

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