VoIP Service for Travel Agencies

Whether it's for business or leisure, travelers need the help of a travel agency to make their trip successful and memorable. One great way to help travel agencies provide clients with the ultimate travel experience is to utilize the features and flexibility of a VoIP phone system. Through a VoIP solution, travel agents can reap the benefits of a reliable communication solution to enhance service quality, build stronger client-agent relationships, and boost the bottom line.

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How Can Travel Agencies Benefit from Using a VoIP Phone System?

A VoIP phone system provides travel agents with a flexible and convenient communication solution that streamlines their operations, improves staff productivity, powers marketing campaigns, and boosts client engagement.

The tourism industry is constantly changing and becoming more competitive each day, so travel agencies need to make use of an efficient communication solution like VoIP to enhance their productivity, mobility, and service quality. By harnessing the power of VoIP, travel agencies can handle large volumes of calls and deliver accurate and timely information that can help them in the following ways:

  • Providing clients with the finest travel opportunities. Clients often inquire about hotels, tour packages, airfare, attractions, car rentals, and more before they decide to choose a destination or book a reservation. By using a VoIP phone system, travel agencies can bring a certain ease to a booking process to provide clients the best travel opportunities. Also, through a VoIP phone system travel agents can easily communicate with their partner services and other business connections to resolve issues as well as to deliver top quality service to clients.
  • Helping travel agencies enhance their marketing campaigns. VoIP-enabled call management systems and features such as call analytics and call monitoring can help travel agencies expand their marketing campaigns. By making use of a call detail record (a file containing information on recent system usage including call time, call duration, point of origin, completion status, and destination number), travel agencies can assess their sales and revenue, or even use this data set to create strategic marketing campaigns.
  • Keeping travel agents on the go and enhancing client engagement. In the tourism industry, a travel agency is considered as an essential backbone that offers constant support and service to travelers around the world. Choosing a versatile VoIP system helps travel agents to easily connect with customers regardless of time and location. VoIP also improves interaction on a more personal level, thus building stronger client-agent relationships. For example, using an auto attendant can help travel agencies personalize how a caller is greeted and routed to obtain the assistance he or she needs.

How Does VoIP Help Travel Agencies Cut Costs?

A robust VoIP phone solution provides cost-saving opportunities for travel agencies by reducing infrastructure, service, and maintenance costs.

Using a VoIP phone system can allow for the creation and expansion of a virtual travel agency. Because VoIP operates using an IP network, it helps to cut costs by eliminating the need for a physical floor space and other infrastructure that is typically associated with a travel agency.

VoIP providers often provide a unified communications (UC) solution that integrates phone calls, instant messaging, voicemails, emails, and faxes. By allowing both data and voice communications over a single network, using VoIP can help reduce infrastructure costs, which small businesses and startups will find helpful.

Travel agencies can also lessen expenses associated with labor and maintenance because most VoIP phone service providers have their own dedicated staff who will help install and configure the phone system. This helps travel agencies reduce costs because the service provider will be the one to handle system maintenance and upgrades.

Aside from these cost-saving benefits, VoIP can reduce maintenance costs by eliminating the need to replace current equipment or install new devices. As long as there is a stable Internet access, travel agents can use their existing devices to quickly send and receive calls from various locations at a minimal cost. Because VoIP allows data and voice communication in a single network, travel agencies do not need to maintain a dedicated PSTN phone line, thereby reducing monthly phone bills.

Additionally, through a BYOD (bring your own device) offering, VoIP allows travel agents to communicate with other agents and staff members even when they are outside of the office or at home. Through the use of softphones, travel agents can utilize their personal mobile devices to send and receive information and make calls anywhere at any time. Because of BYOD and softphones, travel agencies can significantly reduce their operational costs.

Also, some VoIP phone service providers offer mobile applications that allow clients to make phone calls using their mobile device's data plan rather than a costly per-minute charge through their cell carrier.

Plus, a VoIP phone system for travel agencies enables long distance or international calls at affordable per-minute rates. Some VoIP phone system providers even offer a select number of international minutes as part of their service plans. Because of this, in addition to free on-network calling, travel agents can make long distance calls to book hotels, airlines, cruises, car rentals, and more at cheaper local call rates.

What are Some Popular Productivity Features of VoIP for Travel Agencies?

VoIP phone systems offer a rich set of productivity features that can simplify a business process, enhance client engagement, and improve customer service while lessening costs.

Productivity features included with a VoIP service such as voicemail to email, hunt groups, video conferencing, call forwarding, and more can make communications more efficient between travel agents and clients. Hunt groups and find me/follow me features enable customers to easily communicate with their travel agencies, regardless of their locations because VoIP can intelligently route calls to a particular department or travel agent. This way, travel agencies can address all customer concerns and answer inquiries and sales calls. A VoIP phone system also keeps travel agencies connected with their clients so that in case of emergencies their agents can immediately offer assistance and support in real-time.

Compared to a public switched telephone network (PSTN), a feature-rich VoIP phone system can help travel agencies easily communicate when working remotely. Through softphones, travel agents have the freedom to access and manage emails, contacts, voicemails, and more from their personal mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones.Video conferencing can also enhance the customer experience because it enables travel agents to have a face-to-face interaction with their clients. Most VoIP service providers offer dynamic video conferencing, which includes features such as video recording, file sharing, HD video, and annotation. In this way, travel agents can enhance their services to keep clients engaged.

Another great VoIP feature that can help travel agencies save costs and improve client experience is an auto attendant (also known as a virtual receptionist). Through this VoIP function, travel agencies are given the option to change how calls are routed after hours, on weekends, and even during holidays. Because of this, travel agencies can let the callers know of their work hours and provide real-time updates in addition to personalized greetings to make the call experience more pleasant.

Additionally, choosing a hosted VoIP phone system helps travel agencies manage and secure all relevant information in the cloud. In this way, travel agents can easily store and access crucial information, and then use this for marketing purposes or to provide more personalized service to clients. Also, with the Music on Hold feature, travel agents can keep customers interested by playing music or informing them of a travel agency's deals and promos, thus promoting a travel agency and enhancing client's calling experience at the same time.

Plus, integrating a VoIP-enabled customer relationship management (CRM) system with a VoIP phone system can help travel agencies easily manage and keep track of crucial client information. Because of this, all relevant information is readily available for travel agents. When a customer makes a call, a travel agent can pull up the caller's personal information and learn about his/her travel interests and other details. In this way, travel agents can provide more personalized support or assistance, thereby enhancing the customer service experience.

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