VoIP Wholesale

Wholesale VoIP Market:

There is no doubt today that VoIP is taking over the telecom market, and every month increases penetration into services and industries. Competitive carriers are looking at the numerous ways to make money from this exploding technology, but there's a lingering question as to whether it is profitable to deliver VoIP in a wholesale model? Their customers, typically Service Providers, are looking for their ‘competitive advantage' into this ‘lowest price' race, leveraging within three key alternatives for packet telephony : “build” , “buy” or “rent”. Business aspect, there’s no need to invest tens of millions of dollars in wholesale VoIP to join in. Many Telecom Companies have done the work for you. They offer a complete, turnkey VoIP business service and equipment. Now you can start wholesale VoIP business with virtually no investment and yet reap great dividends.

Wholesale VoIP Resellers:

In today’s world, Service providers seeking to deliver VoIP to as wide a customer base as possible may find that becoming a wholesale VoIP reseller is the way to go. Wholesale VoIP may be sold to both other service providers and to enterprises or residential customers.

Reselling IP telephony as a wholesale VoIP company is becoming an increasingly popular business model. For many companies, becoming a wholesale VoIP provider hits the sweet spot between profit and market control. Any firm with a well-established customer base is a good candidate for reselling wholesale VoIP.
Becoming a wholesale VoIP reseller is not a decision that should be taken lightly. It does, however, offer the potential of being very lucrative if done right.

Wholesale Consumer Demand:

An important characteristic of the industry is the complex segmentation of consumer demand and rapid change in the characteristics that are being demanded, both at the end customer and in the intermediate ones (wholesale customers).
Demand coming from ‘packed customers'? will be significantly different of the conventional telecommunications one, were telephony was the unique service to provide and differentiation was based on tariff-distance paradigm, being today's service offerings closer to data applications rather than telephony. Voice communication (and not old POT telephony) becomes the common feature into several communications applications and devices, but not the unique one.
Messaging, conference, collaboration, web contact centres, etc … requires a common communication format between parties, which is voice, implemented through VoIP technologies. Heterogeneous and rapidly changing customer demands and products are important dynamic influences on the evolving structure of the telecom industry, resulting into a new value-chain.
Telecommunication markets evolution will be driven by ‘packed customers' demand rather than networks, technology or finance, changing many decades rules into this industry.

Finance in Telecommunication Industry:

Finance institutions had been influencing Telecomm Industry since the beginning, due the business itself was characterized by huge investments, big market shares and bigger capitalization, influencing in many cases top management, who addressed their strategy towards ‘stock' opportunities rather long term and solid business models. WorldCom crash has been an example of this ‘financial market' pressure and wrong business management.
Today, the networks has been deployed. New scenario in Telecoms enable new players to deploy services over broadband without proprietary network and this new generation business will not be anymore capital intensive, let's say these will be innovation intensive.

U.S. VoIP Market:

The US market for VoIP advanced dramatically in 2006-2007, adding 3.8 million VoIP households in 2006, reports In-Stat: As a result, wholesale VoIP revenues grows quickly, as MSOs, Skype, and a myriad of new entrants most lacking network facilities enter the market and drive demand for telephony features and applications, the high-tech market research firm says.
As retail VoIP expands, wholesale VoIP will accelerate quickly, says Bryan Van Dussen, In-Stat analyst. The largest segment remains international VoIP, but we expect the market for local services to surge from 12% of all revenues to 27% by 2010.
Recent research by In-Stat found the following:

  • Consumer VoIP adoption will drive wholesale VoIP revenues to $3.8 billion by 2010 from $1.1 billion in 2006.
  • In-Stat finds small businesses are driving the growth of hosted services in the U.S. Hosted VoIP seats in the U.S. are expected to grow from 373,000 to 3 million by 2010. Revenues are projected to reach $2 billion.
  • International wholesale VoIP termination/origination revenues is experiencing declining growth rates.
  • Long-haul wholesale VoIP will experience significant migration of TDM services throughout the forecast period, and become a majority of the international market by 2009.
  • Recent In-Stat research, In-Depth Analysis: Wholesale VoIP Forecast: Consumer VoIP Accelerates Demand (#IN0603371TX), covers the market for wholesale Voice Over Internet Protocol services. It provides a market forecast of US VoIP households and wholesale VoIP revenues segmented by main product categories. Analysis of the wholesale market is presented, including market drivers and barriers and three key trends: peering, bundling, and QoS.


Wholesale VoIP Softswitch – Udswitch wholesale VoIP softswitch also called Class 4 switch is a scalable, secured turnkey solution that allows wholesale VoIP service providers to deliver robust inter-exchange and inter-LATA VoIP services to retail VoIP providers
Get Free Demo Today: http://www.udswitch.com/free-demo/

VIP VoIP - UK based provider of wholesale VoIP services to resellers and end users.

VIP VoIP offers the solutions for clients with easy management and a reliable, personal service. They provide for flexible business so you are not tied in and can get the benefits that are right for your company and clients. It has a User portal allowing resellers to allocate numbers, provision servers, configure phones and carry out billing. The website has an extensive resource centre for feature updates, guides, case studies, infographics and articles on the world of VoIP & telephony.

End User Site: http://www.vipvoip.co.uk
Reseller Site: http://partners.vipvoip.co.uk

Bankai Group

Bankai Group offers world-class Wholesale VoIP Services across the globe. The company is carrying international Voice and SMS traffic worldwide with 2,200+ carriers. For more than 28 years, Bankai Group has been instrumental in providing ultimate Carrier Solutions worldwide.

TalkAsiaVoip Leading Voip Solutions Provider
TalkAsia is one of the leading VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Service Provider specialising in Internet Telephony Solutions for businesses, VoIP reseller programs and VoIP carrier services across varied areas of expertise. We at TalkAsiaVoip provide a wide ranges of services. Our main services Include

Tier 1 routes for call centers which include destinations like
USA & Canada

We also specialize in A-Z Terminations for Conversational calls.
Our VPN solution for your SBO needs is a well recognized brand in the market now.
Warm Regards
For any further Queries please feel free to contact us
Our email: sales@talkasiavoip.com
Skype IDs: TalkAsiaVoip & Talk_Asia

AJTEL Communications Network Group LLC, a US/MEX Carrier offering complete solutions to Wholesale and Virtual PBX

Join the oportunity visiting our Spanish Site, with all info http://ajtel.net AJTEL Communications Network Group LLC

We accept:
  • ALL kind of wholesale traffices, offering routes, gold, silver and premium quality

We also OFFER:
  • Dedicated Servers with or withour switch partitioning for your business
  • Sip Trunking
  • DID Porting
  • WW DID Services
  • DID of MEXICO Mayor cities.
  • DID WITH 2,4, 10 or 30 CHANNELS or Nx 64 Increments.

Intellocom, LLC, a carrier offering complete voice solution

Discover Intellocom, a carrier that offers premium service at best in class rates. We offer multiple finest products that allows us to deliver the highest quality short duration termination, high CPS and channel capacity to both US and Canada using TIER-1 network

Our products, services and features

• FCC Registered in US
• Thousands of channels and high CPS capacity
• Short Duration Dialer Termination
• Premium Dialer Termination
• Conversational Termination
• Whole sale Termination
• 24/7 expertise support
• Real-time billing, CDR and frequent rate updates via user friendly portal
• Instant setup
• Provides complete contact center solutions
• US Dialer - High quality - No FAS, Lowest Rates with 6/6 billing for most landlines.
• Aggressive NPANXX or flat rates

For queries, rates and begin instant testing, email sales@intellocom.com . One of our consultants will be glad to help

Phone - +1-844-200-1002
Skype - intellocom
Web - www.intellocom.com

INAANI is a Singapore based Wholesale Route provider which holds a leadership position in Mobile VoIP solutions, Mobile Top Up, VoIP Route, Wholesale A2Z Routes. With a determined approach towards serving the IP based communication industry, Inaani has created a vast assortment of products.
Get a Wholesale Account


300CC $49
-1 core Processor
-SSD Storage RAID 10
500CC $59
-1 core Processor
-SSD Storage RAID 10
1000CC $89
-2 core processor
-SSD Storage RAID 10
2000CC $100
-2 core processor
-SSD Storage RAID 10
Limited Time Offer
Free Demo
24/7/365 Tech Support
All you need is CONTACT
Email: sales@c4switch.com
Facebook: afreen cfswitch
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Licensed Hosted soft switch
High CPS
Media gateway
Create unlimited resellers
Auto billing/invoicing
User friendly interface
100 to 10,000 concurrent calls
Flexible routing tools
Real time monitoring
call shop module
DID inventory
Support and secure
suppliers, staff web

All you need is CONTACT
Email: sales@c4switch.com
Facebook: afreen cfswitch
Skype: afreenc4switch

C4switch Offering Dedicated Hosting Servers
Hardware Replacement
Package Upgrades
100TB Tier | Bandwidth
CentOS or Ubuntu Linux
99.5% Network Uptime SLA

24/7/365 Tech Support
Starting at $39

All you need is CONTACT
Email: salereers@c4switch.com
Facebook: afreen cfswitch
Skype: afreenc4switch

Gemahvoip is a global voip company, interconnected with Tier1 and Tier2 Telecom operators and Telcos, providing Voip Termination services to voip carriers, VoIP wholesalers & resellers, small businesses and a vast array of industries. Our commitment to excellent service is based on the principles of integrity and doing what's right for the long term.We also provide termination as per your preferred destinations. GemahVoip provides competitive, affordable, high quality voice termination around the world, so come along with us and increase your buisness and maximize your profits.

Wholesale VoIP Solution Provider – Voxvalley is the leading wholesale VoIP solution provider in the industry strongly backed by its Class 4/Wholesale Softswitch capabilities.
Get Free Trial Today: http://voxvalley.com/req/

REVE Systems holds a leadership position in Mobile VoIP solutions, Softswitch and Billing solutions, PIN-less calling card, Mobile top up and Callshop solutions. With a focused approach towards serving the IP based communication industry, it has a wide assortment of products, ranging from backbone infrastructure to peripheral products, including middleware.

For further details:www.revesoft.com
contact: info@revesoft.com or
call: +8801714743385

VoIPRoutes - VoIP Routes is a fast growing company offering cost-effective and best quality wholesale VoIP termination and business VoIP services tailored for emerging and established carriers. The foundation of our success is our vision to be client-oriented company bringing our experience and knowledge to help your business succeed. Partnering with worldwide carriers and operators VoIPRoutes delivers affordable and high quality A-Z wholesale VoIP termination. We constantly monitor our traffic to ensure that our customers get uncompromising call quality to all destinations and high level of technical support. Our VoIP service plans are designed to meet your company`s needs.

ADDPHONE.NET - We provide Wholesale VoIP terminations. Highest quality, lowest prices. We offer full connectivity of VoIP calls using high quality carriers, both nationally and internationally. This is a premium service designed for communication providers and other customers such as call centres concerned about the quality of their product.

SIPTRUNK.com - The simple, easy and profitable way to resell SIP trunking services.

With SIPTRUNK.com, account creation to live service happens in less than 10 minutes! The SIPTRUNK.com white label SIP trunking platform is designed for hardware-centric businesses interested in developing a monthly recurring revenue stream from selling SIP trunking services. SIPTRUNK.com is brandable, handles all end-user billing and complex telecom taxation collections, can be configured for multiple partner levels and provides transparent commission reporting all backed by service and support personnel with decades of telephony industry experience.

http://www.dmsluk.co.uk/ DMSL are the experts when it comes to broadband connectivity, mobile and fixed voice and cloud services.

Cloud Telephones - Make the most of the new opportunities as a Cloud Telephones VoIP reseller.

Cloud Telephones works with leading telephony services providers, such as BT, Gamma, O2 and Vonage, to offer customers the choice, flexibility and service they need. The company’s focused team offers specialist advice and support to its customers, helping them to find the right solutions to meet their business needs.

Zoom Soft is a Canadian Cheapest Dedicated VOIP Server Provider providing support from Toronto, ON and Bangladesh. Which is providing Dedicated Server including VoIP Billing Server known as VoIP Soft Switch. Also served Wholesale A to Z Termination with Mobile Dialer.

  • Class 5 softswitch with integrated billing system
  • User Portal
  • Brandable Mobile & Desktop dialers
  • Rich Communication Suite

http://www.directnet.ca is a _Canadian Hosted VOIP Server Provider_. DirectNet and its partners process over 8 billion minutes annually. DirectNet provides high quality residential wholesale services to the ISP, ITSP and reseller markets for as little as _$1.56_/acct/m includes DID/Orig/Term.

  • Fully hosted includes everything you need to provide a high quality service
  • Large DID foot print
  • Lowest rates
  • Industry leading back office

With network redundancy, scalability and geographical failover, we are a trusted provider for many ISP’s, Service Providers and Resellers and have become the standard for Carrier Grade Wholesale Voice. Please contact Rob Stix at rstix@directnet.ca for a no obligation test.

1Pipe Telecom | OnePipe is a licensed carrier providing Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking in over 50 countries. We have regional network facilities spread across the globe. Good wholesale options available.

VoIPInvite VoIPInvite is an FCC licensed Wholesale VoIP/SIP termination service provider with routes in excess of 180,000+ covering USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and other US territories starting from as low as $0.0007 per minute. We are serious about delivering Land line / TDM quality wholesale sip termination to PSTN service at a fraction of traditional legacy telephony costs for our clients and creating a win win situation to cement long term partnerships. Our Main Services are:

CHECKBOX, VoIP Carrier, Wholesale A-Z, CALL CENTER CARRIER - We provide VoIP connection specially for CALL CENTERS / MARKETING COMPANIES who needs High Stress / CPS routes, We have USA CC, Canada CC, Australia CC, China CC, UK CC and others, Direct Routes to many countries.

AVA Communication We Providing A-Z termination at wholesale rates with highly redundant, geographically distributed POPs. Our service covers Wholesale VoIP termination, Wholesale A-Z SIP termination , Business Phone Systems, Mobile VoIP Solutions etc, Full fetched control panel

Adore Infotech Pvt.ltd Adore Wholesale VoIP – A Perfect All-in-One Solution for Wholesale VoIP Carriers
Adore Infotech once again comes up with the astounding VoIP solution which is designed to enhance the flexibility and robustness to the next generation VoIP technology. We offer the high quality, robust, flexible and affordable Wholesale VoIP solution to meet the high end requirement of Wholesale VoIP carriers. Our turn-key all-in-one Wholesale VoIP is specifically developed for enterprises who geared up to offer wholesale business to their clients and want stable, seamless and cost-effective connection to meet their business needs. Adore Infotech is among the global leaders when it comes to offering VoIP solutions with excellence and reliability. Our VoIP solutions are developed by top minds in the industry and are the wonderful combination of state-of-the-art design and efficiency.This System Includes:
VoIP Billing : Billing, Database & Web Interface
Two day Remote Training Program
One month Remote support package.

AOT Telecom Flat Rates for Dialers Below .01 Per Minute.
We represent all the best and most competitive Carriers for Domestic & Global SIP Communications every type of call no matter where your Dialer is located. We also specialize in Domestic & International DIDs, Hosted Dialers, Call Center solutions such as Call Recording, Merchant Services and IVR. Choosing the right SIP Provider is what we specialize in helping our Clients for reliability and maximum savings.

Advancefone. is offering high quality A - Z Termination.
  • Cheap Capacity Numbers for Calling card providers and businesses , (no per minutes cost only pay a monthly fee, POPs in 6 major locations)
  • Wholesale SIP Termination
  • VOIP Reselling Program.
  • Become a Calling Card provider today
  • everything is looked after for you with our Hosted Calling Card Solution while you can spend your time focusing on market strategies. Please visit Advancefone for more details.

AKA Management Specializing in high capacity dialer and call center termination. High quality routes with rates as low as $0.0011/min to US destinations. Excellent support and speed of service. Customer portal login for easy access to daily CDRs. EMAIL US AT: sales@akamgt.com or CALL US TODAY: 307-459-2990.

Alcazar Networks Inc. is offering Wholesale Origination / Termination / Free Toll Free Termination - Get paid for your toll free traffic! We provide high quality, dependable access to over 3100 rate centers and instant access to over 1,200,000 DIDs including T38 and local number portability. Wholesale SIP Termination for both conversational (long duration) and dialer call centers (short duration) traffic.

Amherst Telecom Wholesale Voip Carrier USA high capacity CC/dialer termination. High quality routes with aggressive rates to all 50 US States and Canada. Easy setup, powerful customer portal on the sipnav switch. Connect with us today, visit our website for full contact information, or add us on skype: amhersttelecom

Alianza provides a cloud-based wholesale VoIP solution for cable MSOs, ISPs and telcos in the U.S. and Canada. The comprehensive voice solution is powered by a core platform that provides all the components required to deliver and monetize voice services. It features comprehensive back-office integration and management tools that enable automation of administration and provisioning and significantly drives down time and costs related to customer care and support. Alianza’s cloud solution can include wholesale carrier services, addressing the voice transport, local exchange capabilities and PSTN interconnections.

Aloha Wholesale | Part of the Aloha Telecommunications Group, a UK National operator. Aloha Wholesale provide inbound (DID/DDIs) and outbound (UK National and A-Z Termination) services. As a UK national operator with our own independent network. Unlike other operators we own the resources we sell in regards to inbound (i.e all numbers are allocated to us via Ofcom the regulator). Aloha focuses on the quality end of the market rather than the LCR or grey route market. Services for Telecom Operators, Call Centres (inbound/outbound), ISPs, Mobile Operators and M2M. All inbound UK numbers (DIDs) contain unlimited channels as standard.

Blue Penguins Telecommunications

Blue Penguins: UK business partnership telecom programme
Under the Blue Penguins UK bussiness partner programme you can resell all Blue Penguins telecom services, earning commission on all sales. You also earn commission on income generated by monthly number rental and call charges, allowing you to build a great ongoing revenue stream.
Commission rates start at 40% of the 'Value-Add' (profit margin). We pay commission on 'Value-Add' as we have optimised the prices to give competitive prices, with maximum payout for dealers to support marketing. http://www.bluepenguins.co.uk/resellers/

Blue Penguins UK Telecom Ltd.
Communications House
290 Moston Lane
Manchester, M40 9WB
Telephone: 0161 713 2867
Facsimile: 0845 287 6475
Registered in England and Wales: 08418945

Broadvox is a leading wholesale VoIP Service provider that delivers reliable VoIP solutions for domestic and international destinations.

Broadvox provides a full range of VoIP wholesale origination, termination, SMS, call peering, virtual tandem and value added services. We offer carrier services that accommodate all types of VoIP and UC service providers, voice and SMS ISV's with any type of endpoints method. From a networking standpoint, we can offer many types of interconnection from very simple options to sophisticated Ethernet connectivity and VPN tunnels. We are committed to providing carriers with the best support available—includes 24/7 Tier I and II support from technical experts.

The Broadvox voice-optimized IP networkcarries over 20 billion annual minutes of voice and has over 10 million telephone numbers under management. We can handle your business volume.

CallForwarding - Be present anywhere in the world with toll free forwarding services from CallForwarding.com.
- Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Call Forwarding Services, Automatic Call Distributor

Conexiant Telecom - VoIP Wholesale – direct connections to CLECs for best quality, inc. Level3.
  • DIDs, Toll Free, E911 service, T.38, VoIP fax, quality Termination, dedicated VoIP servers and Hosted VoIP Billing
  • DIDs per-channel or per-minute - USA, Canada and 60+ countries
  • CLI, 411, CNAM, T38, Call forwarding
  • Global Level 3 footprint Denver, LA, Hong Kong, China and Frankfurt, Germany
  • A-Z International(200+ countries), Domestic, Dialer

Wholesale DIDs DIDX is a DID numbers market for wholesale customers. Many call it “Ebay for DID” or “Arbinet for DID.” We call it, DIDXchange. DIDX is for wholesale VOIP service providers (LEC’s, CLEC’s and IXC’s) eager to buy, sell, and trade their available DID numbering plan to others.

  • Spectracom Group - Get your VOIP Phones and Phone Systems at SpectracomGroup.com. We are a one of the nations largest resellers of Spectralink phones and work with hospitals and education departments to ensure quality communication. We have all types of phone systems from desktop to handheld. You can check out our pricing on our phones at www.spectracomgroup.com. If you need any installation or services with the phones, please let our customer service know and we'll make sure we give you the best rates.

  • MultiAlert E911 Services - MultiAlert911 - E911 for VoIP. E911 for any DID from any provider. Alerts feature instantly alerts 5 other parties when caller dials 911. www.MultiAlert911.com

  • Wholesale VoIP Provider - Momentum Telecom - Powered by a fully integrated digital voice and broadband platform and a geo redundant network, Momentum's private label solutions deliver superior voice quality and unparalleled OSS broadband management services. When you Go Momentum, you enjoy a caliber of technology that will increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • GoCode Telecom Wholesale Voip Carrier USA high capacity CC/dialer termination. High quality routes with aggressive rates to all 50 US States and Canada, plus UK and some A-Z international dialer and conversational. Easy setup, and free test credit. Connect with us today, visit our website for full contact information, or add us on skype: kellygocode

  • LIGA Telecom is an established Wholesale Aggregator of Retail Voice Traffic from Cable, Mobile and Retail Operators focused on recently deregulated and developing markets, normally considered risky. We are a PREMIUM international telecommunication carrier specializing in delivering ONLY high quality and stable VoIP Termination service at competitive wholesale rates to Retail Providers and Wholesale Carriers, since 2010.

  • Smart Voice Network offering service to Carriers and Call Centers with unique ability to cap rates and manage sub accounts. VoIP Carrier with US & International Canada $.009 UK, France 0.0082,Mexico $0.009, China 0.0088 for domestic $.008 USA Termination and Origination, offers termination & origination for Mexico $0.009 per minute and DID's for $1.00__ per month all with unlimited channels / concurrent calls. Competitive High Quality NPA-NXX rate deck, International Carrier rates, and DID channel pricing. For calling cards, mobile dialer, Efax solution, Bulk SMS and white label for the best web conference we will host it for you and payment solution
Call us at 760-517-6724.
Email us: www.smartvoicenetwork@gmail.co.
Skype: william.shihata1

  • IXC.ua Wholesale and Retail - is Telecommunication Company which develops a wide range advanced information systems and technologies for communication, since 1999. www.IXC.ua

  • Air 21 Ltd UK Based VoIP provider and reseller. Outbound termination for UK and Worldwide. Wholesale termination, free unlimited SIP channels, Wholesale dialer traffic accepted, telemarketing calls. High margins for resellers and access to full product suit. For more information call us on 0121 314 1114.

  • Net2Phone Prepaid Wholesale With a large global footprint and a vast retail distribution network, Net2Phone is a true market leader, delivering over 22 billion voice minutes per year. Net2Phone boasts 1000+ directs and offers four service levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze, enabling you to select the best solution to terminate your customer's global traffic. With no credit checks, you can set up your account and be up and running within an hour! In addition, Net2Phone provides a platform with a full suite of value-added services to support your revenue growth.

  • Allobox Low cost High quality voip provider. Become reseller and earn up to 50% of the benefits! Also VoIP phones reseller.

  • Cheap VOIP Inc Wholesale to the public, great rates and good quality.

  • CommPeak provides wholesale A-Z voice termination with premium quality routes (CLI) at flexible and highly scalable call plans. Wholesale voice termination for Call Centers, VoIP providers, Calling Card operators, Independent Software developers of Voice applications and SMBs or Enterprises. CommPeak relies on a strong, expansive network of geographically distributed, redundant POPs and the know-how of an experienced IT team, providing 24/7 support. Commpeak's VoIP termination Free Trial allows to test call quality without obligation.

DIDForSale We offer largest coverage all over US with more the 11000 Rate Centers. Multiple products for all size companies. Highly rated for price, quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Works with any SIP based PBX like Asterisk, Freeswitch, Free PBX, Cisco, Opensips, Kamailio, VoIP Switch
  • No Commitment, Many products to fit your budget.
  • Unlimited calling on SIP Trunks
  • Largest Single Tier SIP Trunking with unlimited minutes anywhere.
  • DIDforSale now also provides US, UK and Canada DID's.
  • You can get Local Phone number for your business.
  • Low per minute Toll Free numbers
  • DIDforSale now also offers unlimited inbound/outbound SIP Trunks for businesses.
  • Check the sip trunk pricing
  • Works with any SIP based Phone system, Asterisk, Freeswitch, Voip switch and lot more.
Junction Connections
Junction Connections offers US termination and origination services. Directly interconnected with multiple hand-picked CLECs to ensure quality, reliability, and competitiveness. Can provide unlimited DID service with channel sharing. Great for calling card services, call centers, and other wholesale providers. Full NPANXX termination rate deck available. Billed according to LRN. 212-796-5035

  • Fractel - Wholesale VoIP - By aggregating access to all of the worlds best carriers, Fractel provides the most comprehensive service offering of any independent VoIP provider. Our carrier services are available on a wholesale basis to qualified VoIP service providers. The fully redundant Fractel network offers 100% uptime, superior quality and unmatched reliability. Our extensive portfolio of carriers provides maximum service footprint and extremely competitive rates. Fractel clients have unprecedented control of services through our powerful portal and API.

  • VoIPInvite Inc The No 1 Dialer Termination Telecom. 1000s of CPS. Unlimited channels. Short duration calls not a problem. NPA NXX start from $0.0015. Non LRN billing based on destination number only.

  • Gafachi Telecom - Specializing in Call Centers and Carriers - Global, facilities-based Voice of IP Carrier offering US & International Termination and Toll Free & DID Origination. Competitive NPA-NXX rate deck, International Carrier rates, and DID channel pricing. 800.571.5711

  • Hi-Grade Solutions - Wholesale sip/voip - Multiple routes using prefix selection, ability to route advance, grey/silver/gold/platinum routing, cli, A-Z, per second billing. Rates are published on our site, prepaid accounts. Quick signup process

  • MediaCore Softswitch - software platform for VoIP wholesale which is unified point of control system and doesn't require any third-party solutions for operation.

MOBEX offers Wholesale Sip/VoIP - US & International Termination and Toll Free & DID Origination providing the best in office phone service. Mobex, the Nation's local business phone company, provides small, mid-size, Mobile Offices and Call Center businesses a sophisticated, yet inexpensive telecom experience with customizable call handling features to help better connect with customers and improve internal procedures. Mobex is also a chosen VoIP partner with Verizon FiOS.

To learn more now how we can improve your company's communications, be sure to visit us at Business Caliber Telecommunications or to contact us please visit Contact Mobex

  • Netfuse - The Netfuse reseller programme allows you to run your own branded network for your customers. We can provide wholesale phone numbers and outbound rates; white-label Telco services; white-label IP Centrex; wholesale number hosting and porting; and all important moral support.

  • RoboDialer VoIP VoIP Service Provider SIP for wholesale outbound termination to USA ,Canada and China. Designed for predictive dialer,telemarketing calls Call Center traffic. No hidden fees / ,Pay Per Call, No Contracts. No Min. Free setup. RoboDialer.net

  • SWISS VOIP Service Provider - HI Ring Someone - The worlds’ first virtually free VOIP platform to offer free and ultra-low cost international phone services with no contract and no monthly fee.Whether you are sitting down for a morning espresso in Hong Kong, a lunch date in Zurich or even dinner in Los Angeles, Hi Ring Someone offers free calling; anytime, anywhere.

  • Smart Voice Network offering service to Carriers and Call Centers with unique ability to cap rates and manage sub accounts. VoIP Carrier with US & International Termination and Origination. Competitive High Quality NPA-NXX rate deck, International Carrier rates, and DID channel pricing. For calling cards, mobile dialer, Efax solution, Bulk SMS and white label for the best web conference we will host it for you and payment solution Call us at 760-517-6724.

Speedflow - VoIP provider that offers high quality voice and SMS wholesale and retail A-Z termination services, CLI VoIP, call center traffic, etc.

Star Communications Wholesale A-Z SIP Termination is available for both conversational and dialer traffic. We provide world class voice and quality as you would expect. Visit our site and view rates today!

StarView Solutions has an array of voice services, including domestic and international DID and Toll Free Origination, SIP Termination and LRN queries, all backed by nonstop service delivery. Through its cloud-based technology which allows interconnecting to all major carriers through API, StarView Solutions delivers scalable, cost-effective and reliable products that are quickly and easily deployed in order to reduce operational complexities and improve productivity for its customers. StarView Solutions manages over 2 billion minutes annually, which along with over 400 customers are supported by the company’s 24/7 in-house network operations center and a geographically redundant network. Email sales@starviewsolutions.com

Sonic Communication is an wholesale VoIP Provider offering cost-effective and best quality wholesale VoIP termination. We offer high quality and low cost Wholesale VoIP Termination.
  • We have both call center routes and long duration direct routes. http://soniccommunication.com
  • USA, Canada, Dialer, Call Center, Business, Tier 1 Direct
  • Unlimited local & long distance calls within 48 US states

  • Switch2Voip is a low cost wholesale VoIP leading provider for call centers. While Switch2Voip offers VoIP calling plans to home, residential and business customers it focuses their marketing efforts servicing companies using predictive dialers to make calls. Residential users can also benefit of their wholesale rates. This company offers Free USA DID's.

  • Svanto.net - has a high reputation on delivering you the international DID at a competitve price. We also offer low rate A-Z termination to various international destinations. Call us at 32 87 383838 for more information

Free03numbers.com is part of the Aloha Telecommunication Group of companies. A UK National Operator. Aloha is the operator. Not a reseller or transit provider. All numbers have been allocated to us by the regulator on our 500,000+ number pool. All interconnects are between us, other landline operators and mobile operators. All numbers are Free with Instant Activation and Setup!. We provide UK 03 numbers which are included in customers inclusive landline minutes or charged at a Landline rate (if a customer does not have any inclusive landline minutes). For high inbound customers who are Operators as defined by Ofcom standards can receive revenue on inbound calls.

All Numbers include:

  • Instant Setup/Activation
  • E164 CLI Delivery.
  • G711u/a (only)(we do not support G729.) (We only support national standards)
  • Unlimited Capacity (i.e unlimited concurrent calls. No channel limit)
  • 99.9% uptime.
  • Online CDRs
  • Online Management Panel

Teliax Wholesale and Retail platforms for small to large carriers, enterprise customers, and end users. Teliax's platform allows resellers to sell both SIP trunk service as well as hosted PBX functionality. The wholesale platform is used by many other VoIP providers.

Teleinx Specializing in wholesale Carrier and Call Center VoIP termination. Offering a high performance, low cost USA and Canada termination. Additionally we offer a full A-Z termination. Contact us today, we can set up your account in minutes and provide you with the capacity you need for your growing business. Paid toll free termination, LRN look upand other carrier services available. Skype ID: teleinx

  • Telnyx offering service to Carriers and Call Centers with unique ability to cap rates and manage sub accounts. VoIP Carrier with US & International Termination and Origination. Competitive High Quality NPA-NXX rate deck, International Carrier rates, and DID channel pricing. Call us at 312.945.7420.

  • TieUs Technology Focus on high quality SIP Termination in Canada Only. Interconnect with TelUs, Bell Canada, and All Stream Canada. Cover 9000 NPA-NXX rate centers. $0.005 per minutes, flat rate. Retail and Whole Sale customers are all welcome. No setup fee, no hidden fee, no contract. Call 604-6060668 extension 116

  • Vida Network (Wholesale A-Z termination Provider)
    High quality A-Z wholesale termination to route your calls to anywhere in the world.
    USA, Canada Origination Observed as CLID.
    Pre-pay account setup, call us at 1-732-438-0881 x2270 or email us at: info@vidanetwork.net

  • Vitelity For almost ten years Vitelity has been providing VoIP, Fax, SMS, and hosting services to tens of thousands of customers worldwide. Vitelity offers some of the lowest wholesale rates available; especially when you consider total cost of ownership.

Wholesale Softswitch – Vox Switch provides end-to-end, cost-effective and scalable wholesale VoIP solution for providers who wish to act as a middleman for call origination and termination services.
Get your Free Trial Today: http://vox-switch.com/wholesale-softswitch-solution/

VoiceStep Telecom VoiceStep Telecom is a wholesale VoIP provider offering origination throughout the USA and the World as well as Competitive TF Origination. Contact us for flat rate channel pricing, sales@voicestep.com or 949.528.3000. Flat rate pricing as low as $4.00 per channel.

Platinum Services Telecommunication (PST) Platinum Services Telecommunication Ltd. (PST) (former VoIplatinum) – is an international telecom carrier based and licensed in Malta (EU) since 2012, focused on providing telecommunication services and solutions, including Voice and SMS to retail and wholesale operators, business and private users and resellers. Our wholesale arm offers VoIP and SMS services focused on APAC, MEA and LATAM markets. Offers 3 typologies of routes: Silver (NCLI), Gold (CLI) and Platinum (Only Direct and pure CLI). High quality of SIP and TDM Terminations, competitive rates.

VoiPlatinum Wholesale VoIP portal is an instant access point to wholesale AZ voice termination for telecom operators, carriers, and resellers. https://portal.voiplatinum.com/

VoIP Superstore Wholesale VoIP Superstore offers private branded VoIP platforms to Resellers. We enable resellers to sell VoIP services on their own private branded softswitch environment with fully automated, integrated, secure billing and payment. We offer competitive rates for North America and International traffic and a vast footprint of local number availability. Contact us at 905-907-1022 for more details.

  • Smart Voice Network A-Z Termination, did numbers provider, Hardware, Hosted PBX Service Provider, Hosted VoIP billing service provider, International VoIP Wholesale Provider, Internet Telephony Service Provider, SIP Billing, VoIP Billing Software Provider, VoiP consulting, VoiP Termination ISP, Wholesale VoIP Carrier VoIP Services: Billing Software, Call Relay VoIP Solutions, Call Routing VoIP Solutions, Call shop solution, Consultancy Services, H.323 Soft switch & CPE, Hosted PBX, Hosted VoIP, IP devices, PC to Phone, Phone To Phone, Sip Trunking, SIP VoIP Gateway, System Integration, Termination, Virtual PBX, VoiP Switch

VoIP Innovations is a Wholesale VoIP Services Provider, interconnected with the industry's top telecommunications carriers. VoIP Innovations provides high quality and low cost VoIP services to ITSPs and resellers through our unique industry leading BackOffice, Titanium III. Titanium III provides you with online access to the industry's largest footprint and number warehouse.

VoipSwitch - VoipSwitch is a software platform allowing for rapid VoIP services roll-out. It contains all necessary elements required in successful implementation of various VoIP services.

vdi.net - Wholesale prices with great customer service. We only do good business. You won't pay more than 0.0066 terminating to the USA. Origination/Termination Toll-Free, Sip Trunks.

Voyced is a VoIP (telephone) solution provider with the ambition to grow to becoming one of the main pan-European players with our low-cost, commercial grade IPPBX and VoIP services.

We are already present in over a 150+ countries with Standard, Call Center, TollFree and /or UIFN telephone number / DIDs for residential and business users and expanding further. You can make phone calls to anywhere in the world without any extra crossing country border costs as all our clients get the same tariff, no matter where they are located. Quality and flexibility are always most important and now you can have that, wherever you are and for the lowest cost ever. Let us help you and get in touch now!

In the end, it boils down to the fact that we supply any business with an award winning, commercial grade VoIP solution.
A telephony solution that would normally only be available to the big corporations and for a far lower price then you would think possible.

A-Z Telecom Ltd - AZ-tel is Next-generation telecom service provider & wholesale voice aggregator. With partner in over 38 countries, AZ-tel assuring service quality and revenue streams for many of the world's best-known telecom operators.

VOIP Essential offers high quality SIP termination services to businesses in the US and Canada. We specialize in dialer traffic and provide amazing flat rate plans to low/high volume call centers and enterprises. We also provide hosted predictive dialers and Press-1 dialers at unbeatable rates. Get started today! Contact us on 1(855)455VOIP or visit www.voipessential.com

VoIP Wholesale Termination: Voicebuy is a leading VoIP Provider offering high quality wholesale VoIP routes worldwide. Standard and Premium routes are available.

VoIP Phones: VoIPmarkt is a leading VoIP Phone reseller for the Dutch market. Offering both hosted VoIP solutions on the Asterisk platform and voip telephones from a wide variety of brands.

Voxbeam Telecommunications INC As an expert in VoIP and one of the world’s leading international minutes carriers, Voxbeam Telecommunications provides high quality A-Z termination and DIDs from over 50 countries at highly competitive rates. Voxbeam is directly interconnected with over 500 of the world’s leading direct and Tier 1 carriers and offers three service levels (Direct, Premium, and Standard) to meet the price and quality levels required by carriers, calling card companies, VoBB providers, call shops, and other companies wishing to outsource their international call termination and origination facilities.


OrangeAnt is an advanced voice wholesale pricelist A-Z comparison tool. It is used by voice traders to compare price lists received from different vendors and choose the best routing for their switch. It can also be used to assist you in creating your sales price list, target list, cheery-picking opportunities etc. In addition, check for valid/invalid EU and EEA numbers. With this you can now charge your customers depending on whether their call originated from inside or outside EU/EEA zone, with higher confidence than ever before. Millions of rules implemented in the system. Updated all the time. Per use fee. PayPal accepted. Demo account opened. Just type demo/demo to try it out.


VoIP Panda
Premium pay-as-you-go SIP Trunking to businesses of any size. LNP/LRN rates available for both dialer and conversational traffic. Rates as low as $0.0008 per minute with 6 second billing.

Yuboto Wholesale VoIP

Quality A-Z VoIP termination with no setup fees or any recurring costs. Pay as you go service with premium quality at best prices. VoIP Termination for Call centers and corporate clients

Voxitel - French Wholesale VoIP for callshops and call centers
Quality and best cost effective VoIP Termination and solutions for callshops and call centers. Directs routes in Africa.

Quality A-Z termination with no call setup fees. Pay for what you use. Terminate calls from your authorized IP addresses or via SIP registration. Benefit from additional services - Hosted PBX and International DIDs (over 100 countries) .

West Telecom Services (formerly HyperCube Telecom)
West Telecom Services
New Website
Tier 1 provider of Termination and Origination services.
Direct connect to over 20K+ Codes and covers all of NANPA LRNS.
SIP and TDM SONUS Network.
Licensed CLEC in 47 States.
Licensed Access Tandem Provider (for LEC tandem replacement)
DID Rate centers covering 39 local access and transport areas in 19 states
Sales Contact: Websales@h3net.com

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