Website: http://www.voipmagnet.com/

Quoting from website:

VoIPMagnet is an opt-in service with the goal of giving you a place to share your VoIP information with friends, family, colleagues, or even the whole world. With VoIPMagnet, you decide what information to share and you decide who gets to see it. As a central location to look up friends, VoIPMagnet becomes an integral part of the VoIP revolution, helping to bring order to the chaos.

Founded by the Bahamas corporation, Infinideas, inc., VoIPMagnet is a beta service designed to help you find contact information from VoIP users on any of the thousands of available VoIP networks. Allowing you to control what information gets viewed by whom, and giving you full control over your privacy settings, VoIPMagnet allows you to search, find, and bookmark friends, colleagues, and family, so that all their contact information is in one easy-to-find location. Looking to contact an old school friend with VoIP? Look to VoIPMagnet first!

Tenets of VoIPMagnet:

  • Service Agnostic
  • Easy to use
  • Strict privacy controls

VoIPMagnet is currently in open beta and is requesting feedback


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