VoIPonCD turns a PC into a VOIP PBX. Just pop in the CD and it installs Debian, Asterisk, a Web based Asterisk administration system, and an update tool.

The system is based on a Debian Linux and the VoIP system is based on Asterisk in realtime mode. If you are a beginner, you can just use the built in functions, if you are an experienced user you will get a base system for your own enhancements in half an hour.

Once you downloaded the ISO image you probably will never need to download it again because all the Asterisk stuff is included when installing the system, so you will never install an old VoIPonCD version. Beside this you will get an easy update mechanism (just press the Update button) for updating the system.

Every site in VoIPonCD has the same look and feel, you will know where you are and don't get lost in all the folders.
VoIPonCD is capable of a multi language system which currently has english an german language built-in, but it's just a mechanical work to translate a dictionary file to e.g. spanish (if you share it, I'd be happy!).

Also you will find a forum dedicated to VoIPonCD at http://forum.voiponcd.com. If you have any questions you will surely get helped there!


VoIPonCD was created by Rolf Winterscheidt
Just try it, it's free :-)


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