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Several businesses around the world are converting their communication procedures as most adapt to processes such as voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. VoIP Studio is one such company that has its focus into providing cloud hosted PBX plans to businesses around the world.

This voice over IP provider offers several communication alternatives as it uses the internet to ensure high quality reception of calls among other numerous services. VoIP Studio has an interface that conveys a laid back and friendly feel with proficiency and competence assured. The company has a convenient structured price plan and is more cost effective as compared to other market price range. Business owners are able to choose freely on a wide range of plans according to their business needs.


VoIPStudio has classic features that a company providing VoIP and cloud hosted PBX is equipped with. The company offers its users excellent experience with features such as auto-attendant, call waiting and music on hold call. Users that choose VoIPStudio have access to the transferring and voicemail features that let them effortlessly direct clients and customers to the right places. The company’s web portal has its own interface and works simultaneously with the phone connection.

VoIP Studio can also provide a free softphone for computers, conference calling and a directory of contacts, which is accessible with no hustle. There are options available for incoming numbers and virtual numbers provided. A few UK numbers are provided (e.g. 0845) free of charge. In business that there is a receptionist present at their premises (as opposed to auto attendant, though this can be used in conjunction with a real person if you experience high call volumes), a console can be provided which allows the receptionist to redirect calls quickly. The console acts as a central hub and is brilliant for businesses looking to provide that real life personal touch.

VoIP Packages/Plans

VoIP Studio offers three main plans which include: the Pay As You Go plan, the Unlimited Domestic and the Unlimited International. These plans have their own pros and cons depending on of course the company’s or individual’s varying communication needs.

The Pay As You Go plan is the cheapest and is noticeably the lightest on features. You still get free inbound calls, but you don’t have the option to make outbound calls for free, whereas with the Unlimited Domestic you are allowed free outbound calls to one country that you may choose. The Unlimited International plan gives you free outbound calls to all the countries listed. Both the Unlimited packages allow an inclusive geographical number for each user too.


All plans come with the offer of a 30-day free trial, presenting the option to test run the software, get familiar with VoIP instead of your previous system and get to grips with the interface. The prices are all per user, per month. So for example, Pay As You

Go would be £3.99 per month, per person using it.

Name of Plan Monthly Rate Free In / Outbound calls? 24/7 Support?
Pay As You Grow $ 4.99 Yes – inbound Yes
Unlimited Domestic $ 19.99 Yes - both Yes
Unlimited International $ 39.99 Yes - both Yes

Ease of Setup

VoIP Studio set up is simple and saves on time tremendously. Each system is slightly different and its speed depends on the company’s Internet connection and pre-existing hardware. However if one experiences continuous hiccups, a compatible hardware can be purchased through VoIP Studio which resolves any complications. VoIP Studio is compatible with Salesforce, Sage, Avaya and a variety of other CMS and CRM systems. The wizards and clear icons should take you through set up without any hesitations and you can get started right away!

Customer Support

In cases that users experience difficulty they can live chat to a support engineer. Remember the 30-day free trial means that the user should be able to manage the comprehensive and intuitive software fairly easily before committing financially. The support staff is available by phone, email or live chat and a support area that has screen shots and a manual explaining potential problems, trouble shooting in a user friendly is available in a step by step way. The best advantage is that customer support is available 24/7.

Bottom Line

VoIP Studio is basically a company that is structured with the end-user in mind and efficient as it offers high quality services. The company diligently provides and meets the needs of the customers with affordable pricing, affiliate program and provisions of hardware and support for your business. Businesses seeking to be market leaders in the voice over IP business should contact VoIP Studio, as they have an excellent customer care service that will walk you through the process and are always on standby in case you face challenges. Affordable prices makes the company a must-have for all organizations in this area of business. Reliability is also another feature that makes VoIP Studio stand out in the marketplace.

Other benefits that will accrue to businesses that use this studio are unmatched sound quality, music on hold, voicemail feature and other add-on experiences that are aimed at making customers yearn for more.

So if you are seeking ways of eliminating system management expenses and reducing up-front capital expenditure, VoIP Studio got you covered.

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