Voice Broadcast Simulation from DSC


Voice Broadcast Simulation from DSC

Database Systems Corp. provides a comprehensive voice broadcast phone system which is a specialized autodialer that sends phone messages to hundreds or thousands of call recipients at once using analog, digital, and VOIP media. Besides offering phone systems, DSC also provides voice broadcast services for communities and commercial enterprises.

To assist its customers and prospects with sizing a voice broadcast system for their particular calling campaign, DSC offers a FREE voice broadcast simulation service that accepts input parameters and performs a simulation run on a given phone campaign. The results project campaign resource utilization and efficiencies.

There are various types of voice broadcast campaigns:

  • Voice Message Broadcasting - sends simple messages to live answers or to answering machines
  • Outbound IVR (Voice Broadcast w/ Press Through) - sends messages and allows the live answers to talk with a representative. This is performed using an IVR.

Simulating Voice Broadcasting

DSC has developed a voice broadcast simulation program that models these two basic types of Voice broadcast campaigns. A "press through" campaign allows the call recipient to press a phone key to talk with one of your representatives. A "press through" call requires 2 lines during the communications process - one line for the initial outbound call and the second line for the transfer to an outside number. These resources are consumed as long as both parties continue talking. To simulate this type of campaign requires additional information about the phone configuration and voice broadcast program.

Voice Broadcast Simulation Parameters

To simulate the operation of a voice broadcast campaign, various parameters must be defined and values placed on them. Here is a brief list of these input variables:

  • Campaign Type
  • Phone List Size
  • Number of Dialing Lines Available
  • Number of Passes Through List
  • Recorded Message Length
  • Call Result Estimated Percentages
  • Live Answer Estimated Percentage

For Press Through campaigns, the following additional parameters can be set into the simulator:

  • Live Connection Percentage Estimate
  • Average Talk Time of Press Through
  • Number Of Press Through Lines Available

Voice Broadcast Simulation Run

Once a campaign has been defined, the voice broadcast simulator produces a report that provides information about the effective utilization of call resources including phone lines and agent productivity. Here are the simulation results:

  • Campaign Elapsed Time
  • Telecom Resource Utilization
  • Message Delivery Effectiveness
  • Client Wait Time Stats (Press Throughs)
  • Agent Utilization

For a thorough description of the phone broadcast parameters and to view a sample simulation run including a final report, please visit the Voice Broadcasting Simulation webpage.

Voice Broadcast Simulation Results

The following is a sample run of a voice broadcast simulation. This report can be printed or downloaded for analysis:


Voice Broadcast Similar Terms

Voice broadcasting has been often referred to using different names. The following are just a few terms used to describe the automatic sending of phone messages using computer telephony technology:

Voice Broadcast Applications

Voice broadcasting applications can include emergency alerts, school and church notifications, and commercial customer and prospect contacts. Automatic phone reminders and late payment notices can likewise be broadcast to individuals.

Voice Broadcast Demonstration

A sample Voice broadcasting demonstration provides a view of how an automated voice messaging system can be managed online.

Additional Simulation Models

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