Voice Broadcasting

Voice Broadcasting

The following is the definition for Voice Broadcasting:

  • "Voice broadcasting is a mass communication technique, begun in the 1990s, that broadcasts telephone messages to hundreds or thousands of call recipients at once. This technology has both commercial and community applications. Voice broadcast users can contact targets (whether they be members, subscribers, constituents, employees, or customers) almost immediately." - Wikipedia

Voice broadcasting phone software manages a database of phone lists as well as digitized phone messages. Using analog, digital or VOIP telephony components, these computers can simultaneously broadcast thousands of phone messages. Personalized information can be included in the phone messages through the integration of text to voice software.

Advanced systems include telephony boards or software that can detect the difference between an answering machine and a 'live' person answering the call. These systems employ the logic to properly play a unique message to answering machines without message truncation.

There are few enterprise-level commercial solutions for Voice Broadcasting. They include such functions as:
  • Possibility to play personalized messages to every recipient which consist from library of predefined messages (pre recorder by every client) and some variable information (dates, numbers, digits, amounts with currency and so on). This method eliminates discomfort from text to voice modules (message looks completely like pre recorded by a human) and have high flexibility within predefined applications.
  • List of phone-numbers to call with parameters of call in DB such as Oracle DB, Microsoft SQL, IBM DB/2, MySQL, PostgreSQL.
  • Possibility to organize polls and to combine poll with statical or dynamical message. All results of such polls store within enterprise grade DB.
  • Possibility to transfer to call center by DTMF command from called party.
  • Possibility to opt-out by DTMF from called party.
Such solutions always customizable for every client and easily integrates with ERP, CRM, billing systems. They usually used by banks, collectors and credit companies in order to remember their clients about payment day (with personalized amount to pay calculated to specific day).

VoiceXML and Voice Broadcasting

Phone messaging systems and services automatically send phone messages from a computer system to a remote phone systems using XML push logic. For example, alerts can be broadcast to tenants in a building if there is a fire or disaster. Heat sensors with IP connectivity that are installed in the tenant building can initiate an emergency voice broadcast by sending a VoiceXML message . Other applications may be as simple as wakeup calls or weather alerts that are triggered automatically from a computer system or websites.

VoiceXML Gateway Information

VoiceXML is a W3C standard for interactive telephone applications. The platform/server for VoiceXML is called a VoiceXML gateway. The gateway is like a web server, but it interprets VoiceXML command instead of HTML. You can test out VoiceXML applications with a hosted VoiceXML service, you could also setup your own VoiceXML gateway.

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