Voice Over Private Internet ( VoPI™ )

Voice Over Private Internet ( VoPI™ ) is an alternative way to deliver IP telephony to customer site. Unlike VoIP which uses a public network, VOPI uses a private network to transmit voice packets.

It may seem like a typo, but VoPI™ completely transformed how Internet-based telecommunications service is offered. Voice over Private Internet, or " VoPI™, is a fully managed solution solves a lot of problems inherent in an unmanaged VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

The Advantages Of Using VoPI™

Higher Call Quality

While VoIP suffers from latency, jitter and packet loss — all factors which affect voice quality, VoPI™ has far fewer issues which degrade quality. Since the voice packets, remain on the private internet, no voice traffic travels over the public internet. This allows a provider to offer an IP Based Voice solution that eliminates all the concerns of quality and reliability.

Advanced Security

Denial of service attacks and other security intrusions have been found common in traditional VoIP services. Hackers with access to packet sniffers and similar tools are able to monitor pertinent call location and transmission details. They could even eavesdrop on confidential conversations.

VOPI™ addresses these security concerns by routing voice packets securely over providers private and secure network, therefore security threats are destroyed.

Term VoPI™ is currently trademarked by BroadConnect Telecom

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