VoiceWay Inc © provides VoIP service to residential users as well as hosted IP PBX services to small and medium sized business.


First established in 2006 they only catered to businesses in the form of hosted and stand alone IP PBX services. Due to a series of upgrades that resulted in a massive capacity increase in 2008 they have been given the opportunity to offer their services to residential users

VoiceWay is located in Mississauga, Ontario


Determined to separate itself from the pack. VoiceWay focuses on customer service and support instead of wrestling for the lowest price. We believe that if a person has the choice between a company that has the lowest price but terrible support and one that is almost as low but has great support, the person would choose the latter.

Voiceway's team of dedicated professionals work hard to make sure you receive prompt and efficient service to help ease your transition into the VoIP universe.



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Sales: sales@voiceway.ca
Support: support@voiceway.ca
Telephone Local: (416) 548-7916
Toll Free: (877) 286-4232
Fax: (416) 548-7917
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