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Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is a leading provider of CTI (computer telephony integration) products including voice message broadcast solutions using XML and VoiceXML technology. DSC IVR products likewise support VoiceXML protocal when accessing information over the internet.

The following is a definition of VoiceXML:

  • 'VoiceXML (VXML) is a format for specifying interactive voice dialogues between a human and a computer. This standard allows IVR and voice applications to be developed and deployed in a way similar to how HTML is used for web applications. '

VoiceXML And Outbound Dialing

DSC voice broadcasting services with VoiceXML messaging let you automatically send phone messages from a remote computer system to the DSC phone systems using VoiceXML. Automatic phone alerts can be sent to tenants in a building if there is a fire or other natural disaster.

The VoiceXML process can be intiated automatically by sensors that detect a specific condition and send an emergency phone broadcast by triggering a signal over the internet or by phone. Other emergency voice messaging applications may be as simple as weather alerts or even wakeup calls that are sent automatically from a computer system or website.

IVR and VoiceXML

Database Systems Corp. supports IVR VoiceXML and web information access that lets our IVR systems make external requests for information via the internet. Using this technique, callers can be given information maintained anywhere on the web. Using our Text To Speech application software, text information can be retrieved via discreet messages to other web sites (or servers) and this information converted into a phone message that is automatically played to the caller. Virtually any type of information can now be relayed to a caller using our phone system.

Applications Employing VoiceXML

DSC offers a wide range of call applications that employ the use of VoiceXML. These include inbound call answering services that access remote information as well as VoiceXML initiated outbound calling programs. The following are a few of the specific applications offered by DSC:

VoiceXML And Call Reports

DSC provides a reporting system that analyses the ongoing performance of each inbound and outbound calling program. This is particularly important when measuring the performance and effectiveness of VoiceXML initiated calls. These call reports demonstrate the features and capability provided by DSC and its phone systems and software.

Contact Database Systems Corp.

Contact DSC at (602) 265-5968 or use the following Contact Form.

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