Voiceflex was established to provide advanced IP telephony (VoIP) services for UK businesses. Bringing the reliability of the Internet to the telephone, Voiceflex is an advocate of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) - the latest technology allowing voice calls to be made over the Internet. Voiceflex uses its own SIP technology offering developed completely in-house, to provide low cost, ISDN replacement lines that provide the best possible call quality, inexpensively with the flexibility that comes from using the Internet.

Channel Partners
Voiceflex is 100% channel focused - we only deal via the channel. We have a number of channel options.

For channel partners who don’t have a billing platform. Voiceflex will invoice the end user and pay commission to the dealer.

For channel partners who have their own billing platform we can provide daily and or monthly CDR.

As with resellers we provide daily and or monthly CDR for a truly white label option.

Voiceflex provides a cost-effective option for carriers to move swiftly into the SIP word. Voiceflex provides the interface between the SIP and TDM: We do all the magic allowing you to route calls over your own carrier partners.

Internet Service Providers
SIP Trunks run over a data connection: ISPs are always looking at ways to increase the amount of data that customers use, SIP Trunks require additional bandwidth.

The Company
Voiceflex is a brand name of Frontier Systems Limited. Frontier was formed in 1998 and has experienced strong but steady growth since. Initially formed to provide IT consultancy and IT services, the company added a development team in 2000, moving in to voice switching in 2003.

The Voiceflex platform was developed from scratch in-house during 2005, with the commercial launch in December 2005. Since then, growth has been rapid. Voiceflex has become the de facto standard for SIP trunking in the UK, with more direct interconnects than any other SIP provider in Europe.

Voiceflex is a totally independent entity, with its own geographic and non-geographic number rages, it own xDSL products and direct peering agreements with leading ISPs.

Voiceflex has a growing portfolio of products, mostly developed in-house.

Voiceflex has more PBX manufacturer approvals than any other UK SIP trunk provider from Asterisk & Avaya to Mitel, Siemens and Swyx plus many more!!!!

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