Voiceflex Launch EFM

EFM (Ethernet First Mile) the undisputed alternative to ISDN.

Voiceflex have a rich pedigree of providing the channel with leading edge products:

• 1st to provide an ADSL voice product, delivered direct to our core platform.

• 1st to provide ASDL2 voice product, delivered direct to our core platform.

• 1st to provide a voice EFM offering delivered direct to our core platform.

The EFM offering will form part of our Business Connect (BC) product portfolio. Within the offering you can purchase basic EMF 10 and 20 Meg or a bundle of products. One of the many benefits of EFM is the Service level agreement (SLA) 6 hour fix 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days of the year. Product bundles will be introduced across the whole of our BC portfolio. All bundles will include data connected (either fully managed or wires only) SIP trunks and automatic fail over. In the event of the telephony application or the data connection failing Voiceflex will automatically reroute calls to a pre-determined numbe([s). ie if you have 100 number DDI range each of the 100 number can be routed to a different number

Feature List EFM Bundle	                Voiceflex EFM	    ISDN	     ADSL
Voice and Data service 	                       Yes	              No	      Yes

Idea upgrade to DSL, SDL, Lease line	       Yes	              No	       No

Fully Symmetrical service	                       Yes	              Yes	       No

Fully uncontended	                               Yes	              Yes	       No

Up to 20Meg symmetrical	                       Yes	               No	       No

6 hours 24/7 SLA	                               Yes	               No	       No

Automatic voice failover 	                       Yes	               No	       No

Dual pair delivery	                               Yes	               No	       No

Any owned CLI presentation	                       Yes	               No	      N/A

Email sales@voiceflex.com to enquire about pricing and or on line product training or Vist our website for more information.

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