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Voicent Communications, Inc provides affordable and easy-to-use VoIP-based telephony, SMS and email communication solutions. Voicent is dedicated to developing affordable, easy-to-use communication software that helps people, businesses and communities share information, exchange ideas and build strong relationships. Voicent's innovation always aims to simplify the complex --to make technology simply work wonders. Voicent's products provide voice communication, email communication and text-message communication with unparalleled levels of automation and point-and-click ease. Through our Developers Network, we also offer our advances in software development to other software professionals, enabling them to integrate sophisticated communication capabilities into their own tools and applications.

  • Voicent has implemented many of the telephony hardware based features in software.
  • This technology enables feature rich telephone systems to be totally based on off-the-shelf voice modems. For example, call progress detection is usually a hardware feature that is not available in voice modems.
  • With Voicent software, call progress detection and human vs. answering machine detection are all available with voice modem based systems.
  • This technological implementation drastically reduces the cost of these systems.
  • Voicent software works with regular telephone, skype, and SIP based VOIP services. Release 8 also support SMS/text message.

Voicent provides the following products:

1. AutoReminder - Integrated appointment scheduler and automatic phone, text, and email reminder with confirmation.
2. BroadcastByEmail - Delivers custom email in text or HTML formats. Track open, manage bounce and unsubscribe emails.
3. Auto Dialer - BroadcastByPhone - Automated dialing software can reach people by phone or by voice mail with personalized messages.
4. BroadcastBySMS - Delivers custom text messages to large or small groups and collects responses.
5. Call Center CRM - Powerful software tool for managing customer interactions in call centers or sales organizations.
6. Call Center Software - Powerful software tool to automatically monitor and manage regulatory compliance and call center training and efficiency.
7. Dashboard enables remotely located agents to instantly access Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data, click-to-call capabilities, SMS text messaging, click-to-email capabilities, and more.
8. FlexPBX Affordable, feature-rich, telephone system with auto attendant and music onhold.
9. IVR Studio - Quickly build interactive phone applications that are fully integrated with your business.
10. Predictive Dialer - Automatically hands you only the calls answered by a live person; skips or leaves messages on machines.
11. Voicent Live - Hosted service that includes a variety of tools such as a fully featured CRM along with VoIP cloud-based auto dialer and predictive dialer tools.

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Company website: http://www.voicent.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/voicent
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/voicent
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/voicent
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/voicentsoftware

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