Introducing VoicePulse for Business.

Company News

2015-11-04 Blog Post: How to choose a business phone system
2015-08-11 VoicePulse launches CallCode, a call flow feature that allows users to write Javascript code to integrate with third party platforms.
2015-07-17 New Feature Release - Real-time 24 hour usage, Usage Limit Reset, Calling Access
2014-11-06 VoicePulse Introduces VoicePulse FIVE, the Next generation in VoIP Services

VoicePulse for Business

Our hosted PBX solution runs in the cloud so you don't need an on-site PBX to provide voicemail, call recording or other features. Reduce costs and free up your IT resources to work on things that really matter.

Unlimited Calling seat as low as $24.95 per month (based on a 2 seat minimum.) Per minute pricing available, please contact sales.

Features such as
Unlimited US Calling, including DID, Voicemail, E911 and Toll Free DID
Conference Bridge
Hold Music
T.38 Fax Line
Hosted Fax3
CallerID Routing
Ring Groups
SLA Groups
Time Frames
Listen / Whisper
Dial By Name Directory
Directed Pickup
Call Parking
Auto Attendant
Call Recording4
Call Center5
DISA and more

Buy, rent, or bring your own feature-packed IP phones from manufacturers like Polycom, Cisco, or Yealink.

Watch our video about how a cloud PBX can grow your business

VoicePulse SIP Trunking

Business Gateway Pricing click here.

Ideal for SMB and Enterprise

Use your existing SIP enabled on-premise softswitch or PBX to make and receive phone calls regardless of call volume. Choose your number from anywhere in the US or move your existing DIDs to VoicePulse FIVE. There is no fee to port your phone number to VoicePulse FIVE.


Incoming calls to a U.S. phone number are $.01 per minute. Outgoing calls to the US48 are $.02 per minute. Incoming calls to a U.S. toll-free phone number are $.029 per minute. Look up
international termination rates here.

Account Center

  • View your current Statement Balance
  • Monitor real time costs for usage, Endpoints, Trunks, Gateways, Call Apps, Channels, and E911
  • Make instant payments by credit card
  • Add unlimited Channels or call paths to your Trunk
  • View your active phone numbers
  • See our inventory of numbers
  • Instantly activate new numbers
  • Manage E911

Supported Protocols

  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

Supported Codecs

  • G.729a
  • G.711ulaw
  • G.711alaw
  • GSM
  • ILBC

Supported User Agents

  • Asterisk - The Open Source PBX, AsteriskNOW, AA50, SwitchVox
  • Fonality PBXtra
  • trixbox CE, SE, EE, CCE
  • FreeSWITCH
  • Elastix
  • 3CX
  • FreePBX
  • PBX-in-a-Flash
  • OpenSER / Kamailio
  • OpenSIPS
  • Cisco/Linksys SIP devices
  • SIPfoundry
  • Yate
  • Aastra, Grandstream, Snom SIP devices
  • IPitomy
  • OBIHAI technology
  • Kerio Technologies
  • Softphones
  • And more
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