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Mirrors of Voip-Info

We are no longer providing mirrors of Voip-Info.org for various reasons. All the ones below are very out of date. Please use the original Voip-Info.org for viewing and updating content on the Wiki, and interacting with the community. Thanks.

  • The following sites provide a mirror of this site.
  • Add the URL to your mirror of Voip-Info.org here!, please include location, bandwidth, and any other useful information.


South America

  • KingHost - Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil, Bandwidth: 100M, Updated to each 3 hours
  • TR3SS Group (LA) - Location: México City, México, Bandwidth: 100Mbps, Updated nightly.


  • Malico Inc. - Location: Tao-Yuang, Taiwan, Bandwidth: 1Mbps, Updated Daily

United States


  • Vibratel.ca - Location: Canada, Québec, Bandwidth: 100Mbps, Updated Nightly

not updating

These mirrors have old copies of this site, and do not appear to be updating

How to become a Voip-Info Mirror

  • Set up a peroidic (nightly or weekly) rsync job to copy the site pages to your mirror.
  • Add the URL where the mirror can be accessed to the list at the top of this page.
  • Note that due to the size of the mirror (about 500MB), please make sure you have adequate bandwidth available. This may also affect how often you want to schedule a rsync to run. Because mirror is composed of dynamic pages, every time the master copy of the mirror is updated, it will cause the entire mirror to be retransferred to you when rsync runs. In the future we may be able to improve on this but I wanted to get mirroring available quickly.
  • Please contact support@voip-info.org if any questions.

Rsync Setup Instructions

Set up the following command to run periodically to mirror voip-info to your site

rsync -avzC --timeout=600 --delete --delete-after \
rsync.voip-info.org::voipmirror /where/to/put/mirror/on/your/site

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