VoipPack VOG 4000 and asterisk

Get out a serial cable, 9600 N81
plug it in, boot 'er up

it runs VxWorks, you will get a command line
you need to do a few things
- set the devices IP
flash_set_ip_address 0xc0a0804
(this example sets the ip to, you can use flash_get_ip_address to confirm what its set to, and ifShow will give you all the gore)
- fix the RTP range
flash_set_rtp_base_port 10000
(oh do I really need to explain? change to get to confirm)
- set the address of the asterisk machine
caAddrSet ""
( I think this just sticks, )
- set the gateway name
(has to be done in debug mode)
set xgcp rgw_name VOG-1
(no quotes)

if your looking for a command, try a search like
lkup "dhcpc"
it will list all the stuff with related names, good luck trying to work out how to use any functions you find.

most of what you want to play with is in the debug command mode, to enter it use

stuff to help you in there is:

show xgcp
activate (activates setting changes)
commit (save settings)

-- the asterisk config --


context         = house
host            =
dtmfmode        = inband
callwaiting     = yes
cancallforward  = yes
canreinvite     = no
transfer        = yes
line => aaln/1
line => aaln/2
line => aaln/3
line => aaln/4

on the gateway the name is VOG-1
host is your VOG4000 address (or use dynamic for dhcp, but hell if I know how that works)
context matches where to go in extensions.conf
    • I'm clueless to the rest**

The ports can be changed between FXO and FXS but stop looking for sofware paramiters to do it, undo the 2 screws at the back, and look at the jumpers, to change a port you need to change them AND set the corresponding switch 1-4 (you will see them)

I am rue_mohr, if you got a question I prolly cant answer it on the irc channel I hang out in #robotics on irc.linux.org

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