Vonage Adapter

The Vonage adapter is an ATA that connects your traditional phones to Vonage's VoIP service. With the adapter, you can use your existing phones and high speed Internet for Vonage phone service.

There are usually 4 ports on the device: the first plugs into your high speed modem or router, the next is for a computer or Internet hub. The last two ports allow for 2 phones or fax machines (up to 2 Vonage lines).

Vonage Box & Vonage V-Portal

The Vonage Box is a basic adapter, but Vonage promotes purchase of the Vonage V-Portal. The V-Portal has an LCD screen which can display relevant information about a call or the system. In addition, Vonage may send important news via the LCD screen on a V-Portal adapter.

Vonage's adapters double as a VoIP networking router, likely prioritizing VoIP packets over other data in a household (“clear digital phone sound quality”[1]). However, their routers do not emit a wireless signal for WiFi. You can still use your own router with a Vonage adapter.

Vonage Compatible Adapters

  • Vonage V-Phone
  • Motorola VT1005
  • Motorola VT2142
  • Motorola VT2442
  • Linksys PAP2
  • Linksys PAP2v2
  • Linksys RTP300
  • Linksys RTP54G
  • Linksys RT31P2
  • Linksys WRT54GP2
  • D-Link VTA
  • D-Link VWR
  • VTech IP8100
  • Uniden UIP1869V
  • Cisco ATA-186
  • UTStarcom F1000

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[1] Vonage V-Portal: https://support.vonage.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/862
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