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Business Plus SIP Trunking

Connect your Asterisk, TrixBox, or other IP PBX directly to the largest VoIP carrier in the US. You made the effort to deploy Asterisk in your Enterprise. Why limit yourself to PSTN Connectivity? Forget ATAs and Analog PSTN cards.

For hosted PBX from Vonage, see Vonage Business Solutions Reviews.

Vonage Business Plus plans allow direct SIP trunking from your VoIP Gateway, Asterisk/TrixBox, or other IP PBX directly to Vonage with unlimited simultaneous incoming and outgoing calls.

Vonage Business Plus service is only marketed, sold, and supported through authorized Vonage Resellers. The Business Plus plans from Vonage are the ideal solution for small to medium-sized enterprises requiring multiple phone lines. Whether your business is considering an upgrade of its current phone system or deployment of a next-generation IP-PBX, Vonage can provide your firm with the technology to take your telecommunications to the next level.

Standard Vonage service plans require an analog telephone adapter (ATA) for each telephone line. While convenient for residential or home office use, this requirement can quickly become restrictive or cumbersome for businesses that require multiple phone lines or who have premise-based PBX or IP-PBX phone systems. The Vonage Business Plus plans allow customers to connect their SIP-based phones, IP-PBX and conventional PBX (using VoIP gateways) directly to the Vonage Broadband Phone network.

Vonage Business Plus are pay-per-minute plans that do not limit the number of simultaneous calls incoming or outgoing to your SIP trunk. You are only limited by your bandwidth and IP PBX configuration. Enjoy the freedom to use your SIP connection as it was intended. Incoming calls are free, and Vonage-to-Vonage calls do not use minutes from your plan.

Vonage Business Plus plans offer the same great Local Number Portability (LNP) features as standard Vonage plans. If LNP is offered in your area for standard Vonage service, then it is available for Vonage Business Plus.

From the administrative perspective, Vonage Business Plus accounts look like standard Vonage accounts. To administer a Business Plus account, simply log in to the standard Vonage web portal. However, instead of having one or two phone numbers, you will have 4 or more DIDs. In addition, a Vonage Business Plus account has an extra "Installation" page which includes the SIP registration information for each DID associated with the account. All other features remain the same, including 911, backup PSTN failover routing, and voice mail (which should be turned off when using an IP PBX).

Upgrading to Vonage Business Plus from Vonage standard service? No problem. Standard Vonage account phone numbers can be ported to Vonage Business Plus.

Currently, only US DIDs are available for your primary numbers; however, the Vonage Virtual Number feature can be used to obtain a virtual number in another area code (or country) and forward it to one of your primary DIDs. As well, Toll-Free numbers are also available.

For more information, visit The VoIP Connection.

Asterisk Vonage Configuration

The following configuration examples are used to configure your Asterisk PBX for Vonage service with a Vonage Business Plus account. For the latest information on Vonage-Asterisk configuration, visit www.vonage-asterisk.com or The Vonage Business Plus Support Forum.

register= Phone_Number:Password@sphone1.vonage.net:5061


  • Be sure to turn off your Vonage Voice Mail feature for each DID in order to use your Asterisk voice mail system.


Binary Systems, Inc., the creator of this Wiki page, provides complete setup and support for Vonage Business Plus service with Asterisk/TrixBox, Vegastream, AudioCodes, and other IP PBXs and VoIP gateways. Binary Systems, Inc. engineers integrated the first AudioCodes MediaPack equipment onto the Vonage network prior to the initial Vonage Business Plus rollout.

The VoIP Connection specializes in deploying Vonage Business Plus with Asterisk. We are a Digium Premier Solution Partner and a Digium Premier Reseller. Our Digium DCAP certified engineers have helped hundreds of businesses realize the benefits of connecting the worlds most flexible PBX to the worlds largest VoIP network.

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