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Vonage Business (formerly Vocalocity) is a leader in Voice over IP phone services for the business VoIP market. They offer no contract business VoIP plans. If you are considering a business phone solution, consider Vonage Business. Vonage is a relatively new technology that allows business owners to make both domestic and international calls to different countries that they deal with on a regular basis. Read a summary of Vonage Business below, and user reviews of Vonage Business.

The type of phone service this is involves a technology known as "Hosted PBX". It is considered a type of virtual phone service. In other words, Vonage Business has created a unique solution for businesses that bypasses the traditional landline phone service in favor of a cheaper, but more efficient solution to making calls.


Security is always of concern regarding any new system. Vonage Business System focuses on security and works hard to ensure the level of security and reliability that business owners depend on.


Vonage Business offers high quality business VoIP service with extremely high levels of reliability and uptime.

Plans and Pricing

Vonage Business currently offers 3 packages. Business owners may choose the one that best fits their situation.
  • Metered Extension Plan $14.99/month
  • Virtual Extension Plan $14.99/month
  • Unlimited Extension Plan $39.99/month

Metered Extension Plan

This plan is best for small to mid-sized businesses. The plan is billed at $14.99 per month and averages around .03 per minute and all incoming calls are free. Businesses may also integrate Outlook and email and perform voicemail to email conversion. This function allows businesses to allow customers and vendors to leave messages via email that you receive as a voicemail.

Virtual Extension Plan

The virtual extension plan allows you to add as many phone lines as you want. Vonage Business plans let you add onto your current plan easily and inexpensively so that you can grow your phone plan as you grow your business. You can also add features such as unlimited calling or other custom-made plans.

Unlimited Extension Plan

With this plan, for $39.99 per month, you have no limits on how many lines you can add. This allows you to extend your business phone plan even further and use as much or as little as you want.

No Fee Package Add-ons

In addition to the main packages Vonage Business offers, you can also add features that will enhance your VoIP experience such as:
  • 3-way conferencing
  • Call management functions
  • Call logs
  • Outlook integration
  • Fax/email features
  • Administration portal
  • Cell phone integration

Three-way Conferencing

Three-way conferencing is a free add-on feature that allows you to have more than one other person in the conference at a time. This is a very important feature for businesses in this day and age, where it is commonplace to have many people in a conference at once.

Call Management

You can add call blocking, auto dialing, call forwarding, and call waiting through this feature. These are features that are usually featured on more traditional landline phone plans. So adding call management allows you to make your Vonage Business system equivalent to any landline business phone system at no extra charge.

Call Logs

It is important for businesses to keep a log of their activity. This comes in handy if you were ever asked to show a report of your call activity, or if there was a need to audit a particular call. Businesses can track calls also in order to make sure no unauthorized activity occurred.

Outlook Integration

Outlook integration allows the merging of 2 technologies: landline phone service and email. You will see all of your incoming calls in Outlook if you enable this feature. This feature will also allow you to set up virtual meetings via Outlook using your contacts list.

Administrative Portal

The Administrative portal will allow users to manage all of their extensions. They can also remove extensions and activate new ones as the need arises. This makes it an easy and convenient process to add calls at will, saving business people valuable time in setting up conferences.

Cell Phone Integration

Everyone wants to merge the mobile world with the real one these days. Vonage Business solutions allows you to do that by connecting an extension with your cell phone. you can even choose multiple phones to add as extensions. When a call is initiated to one of the extension numbers, all of the cell phones will receive the call.

Fax/email Features

For businesses who regularly use fax and email features, this is a great add-on and it's also free. the fax feature allows businesses to fax from their computer. You can do pretty much anything you can do with traditional fax machines but in a virtual environment, taking out the need for standalone fax machine solutions or landline phones.

Paid Features

In addition to the free add-on features, business owners can also add some paid features including:
  • Conference facility for up to 30 attendees
  • Toll free number
  • Automated call recording
  • Incoming call queue

Conferencing Facility

The conference facility add-on for Vonage allows you to add up to 30 people to a conference call, which means businesses can expand on their conferencing ability easily from around the world. This means a lot to a business that is wanting a way to be flexible with their conferencing options and feel that they have no limits so they can add attendees as needed to increase their ability to share and collaborate. Attendees are added with a PIN or special number for extra security.

Toll-free Number

You can have a toll-free number that you can call to set up calls, which allows participants to join without a fee on their cell phone service.

Automated Call Recording

This feature allows you to record your conference calls for later playback. This is helpful in a number of applications, including call centers, important conferences you plan to play back later online or in other contexts to staff members or customers, subscribers, or investors, for purposes of evaluation or discussion.

Queuing of Incoming Calls

This feature allows businesses to put callers on hold if there are too many calls at the same time. Music plays while they wait. The best application for this feature is customer support, but it can be used for any time it is necessary to make callers wait or at times with heavy call volume.


Vonage Business offers a number of great services, add-ons to extend the functionality of the service (both free and paid), and a solid business solution that considers the communications challenges that small to medium-sized businesses face today. Vonage Business is one of the best solutions today for conferencing and call features that combines the best of virtual and analog technology and keeps security, convenience, and price issues at the forefront.

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