Vonage for iPhone

There are three mobile phone apps from Vonage for iPhone.

Vonage Extensions App

The Vonage Extensions App is available for iPhone and Android smartphones. While Vonage Extensions App for iPhone is free, you must already have Vonage home phone service.

With the iPhone app you can receive calls on your mobile phone that you would otherwise receive only on your home phone. One mobile phone, or “extension,” is free. Any more mobile phones presumably have a fee.

Vonage Time to Call

Previously, Vonage released the Time to Call mobile app, which gives users a free 15 minute call for downloading it. It is limited to iPhone devices, but available in 87 countries.

Vonage Time to Call is largely a competitor to Skype Mobile. Unlike Skype, Vonage Time to Call doesn’t distinguish between landline or mobile phone numbers, so you will be charged the same price for either in a particular country. You do not need to be a Vonage customer; the app charges your iTunes account for calls.

You can use 3G or WiFi to make Vonage calls, and it is free to call another Vonage Time to Call user. Calls are limited to 15 minutes.

Vonage Mobile

Vonage Mobile is designed for both iPhone and Android devices. Vonage Mobile has not yet been released as of January 10, 2012.

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