Vonage vs magicJackGO

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is quickly rising in popularity for both home and business needs. Two very popular companies that provide VoIP services for residential customers are magicJack and Vonage. While both provide phone service to customers utilizing high-speed internet, there are some differentiating factors between the two companies. Varying costs, features, accessibility and service quality are important to take into consideration when researching a prospective VoIP service provider.

Service Comparison Overview

magicJack and Vonage offer the same basic residential VoIP service, delivered through analog telephone adapters (ATAs), that allow the customer to receive service. The major difference in pricing between these two companies can be found within the adapter pricing structure. Consumers will first notice a contrast in the cost of initial investment. Vonage provides a variety of tiered calling plans, with which an adapter is provided free of charge. magicJack provides one plan of free unlimited domestic calls that is only available through the purchase of an adapter. Both companies provide a portable phone service, as the adapters can be plugged in for use anywhere that has high-speed internet available. Further setting the two companies apart, Vonage allows their adapter to be used with other VoIP service providers. magicJack only allows their proprietary device to be used in conjunction with their signature VoIP service. Both require a high-speed internet connection for functionality, but no long-term contract for the actual service. Additionally, both offer a 30-day money back guarantee.


magicJack's newest service, called magicJackGO, utilizes an innovative adapter with incorporated mobile connectivity. Their new service offers far more capabilities than previous magicJack products. With magicJackGO, users are able to download an app to their mobile devices that allows home calls to ring on the go. Notably, having home calls routed to the assigned mobile number does not utilize mobile plan minutes. Additionally, magicJackGO provides customers with free conference calling.

Cost Comparison

Vonage is similar to a traditional phone plan in the fact that users must pay a monthly service fee to maintain service. As mentioned previously, they offer a variety of calling plans, including international calling. Customers of magicJackGO pay the initial cost of the adapter, thereafter paying an annual service fee in order to obtain service.
Although the initial cost to obtain the magicJackGO adapter is higher than the start up costs associated with Vonage, magicJack offers a cheaper option for residential customers. There is no monthly bill to pay, and no plan minutes to exceed.

magicJackGO Plan Details

magicJackGO offers a free 30 day trial. The adapter is regularly priced at $59.95 and includes 12 months of free calls within the United States and Canada. magicJackGO also offers consumers the new option of "re-upping" their calling plan for 1, 6 , 12 or 60 months. The pricing ranges from $5 to $120, providing a high degree of flexibility. International minutes are available at varying prepaid package prices, varying from $5-$20.

Vonage Plan Details

Vonage offers their customers 8 plans from which to choose. For residential consumers, unlimited calls within the US & Canada are $14.99 monthly. Plans offering 750 or 300 minutes for the same geographical are are $19.99 and $11.99, respectively. For consumers who need international phone service, Vonage offers global plans starting at $14.99. Their international rates can differ from time to time, so consumers must discuss current terms with a Vonage representative. Consumers who choose to prepay the entire annual cost enjoy a 10% discount.

Adapter Comparison

The major difference between Vonage's adapter from that of the magicJackGO is the initial associated cost. However, there are some degrees of variance in regard to technical requirements and performance. magicJackGO requires a higher internet connection speed than Vonage, needing a minimum of a 128 kbps upload speed in order to function. Vonage can operate at 30 kbps, but recommends 90 kbps for best quality.

Software & Hardware Requirements

Vonage does not require a computer or USB port in order to function. There is no associated software, because the adapter plugs directly into the internet router. This bypasses the need for a computer, thus allowing calls to be received or sent independently. However, Vonage will not work via a wireless connection. The adapter is not proprietary and will work with other VoIP service providers. Users may connect up to 2 lines, such as a phone and fax machine, with Vonage's adapter box. Vonage requires a touch-tone phone for use.

In contrast, magicJackGO does require a computer for installation in tandem with their proprietary software. Upon completion of the installation and registration, the adapter can be used with any computer. Once magicJackGO is connected to a computer, calls are routed to a myriad of possible devices such as a wireless phone, tablet or laptop computer. The adapter works via an Ethernet or wireless connection.

Quality of Service

The standard of services offered is not limited to just the product being sold. Customer service is an important factor to examine when deciding to do business with any company. Vonage offers the most comprehensive customer support division, primarily due to the recurring nature of their billing cycle. magicJackGO is designed to be a plug-and-play device and service, intended to work straight out of the box. Most users experience no difficulty with magicJackGO's setup. In the event of technical difficulties, there are quite a few tech-support forums available for those who experience issues.

Vonage vs magicJackGO

Of course, one of the most important factors VoIP consumers consider when choosing service is sound quality. VoIP has improved greatly over the course of its life, especially since larger telecommunication companies have debuted as providers.

Vonage offers the best call quality while demanding less bandwidth from a residential internet connection. It can be optimized for less than choice connection speeds. Vonage's customer service plays a helpful role in this task, with representatives available to assist with the optimization process. Also, their technical support division assists with diagnosing any sound quality issues.

magicJackGO requires more local network bandwidth in order to function. Additionally, they do not offer any live customer service to assist with the diagnosis of technical issues. With consistently low scores regarding customer service across VoIP forums, magicJackGO's reprieve lies within the cost-effectiveness of its service. Compared to Vonage, magicJackGO provides residential service for mere pennies on the dollar. magicJackGO has also been designed to provide a more stable signal without necessitating user intervention, aimed at negating any delay or garbled signals.

So which service is right for you? The answer depends upon your needs. If you're seeking a more traditionally rooted phone service provider with a customer-centric service ethos, Vonage may be the best choice. With a varied selection of plans and the availability of technical assistance, most residential users will be very satisfied. On the other hand, if rock-bottom prices are your main motivator, magicJackGO will definitely satisfy your inner miser. Also, those who use their mobile devices extensively will benefit the most from magicJackGO's mobile apps.

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