NOTICE: June 17, 2007
Voxee appears to no longer provide service. Although the web site is still active (and apparently accepting payments), neither SIP nor IAX devices connect to their proxy. Probably best to avoid Voxee until this is resolved.

Voxee VoIP Termination Services


News: July 22nd 2005 Voxee was the subject of heavy DOS attacks on our DNS and database backend, support staff worked actively on this issue and fixed the problem by 13:59 EST.

News: July 21st 2005 Voxee now has gateways on the East and West Coast USA allowing for better connectivity to both coasts of the USA. Customers can choose to connect to Voxee for VoIP termination using any of the following servers:

East Coast
- ny-gw1.voxee.com (
- ny-gw2.voxee.com ( (5/26/2006 - Deos not appear to work for SIP or IAX2 - nezer)

West Coast
- ca-gw1.voxee.com ( (5/26/2006 - Deos not appear to work for SIP or IAX2 - nezer)

Main Description

Voxee offers no-frills global VoIP termination to over 400 worldwide destinations for carriers and consumers alike. We support the popular SIP/IAX protocols and are compatible with most commercial VoIP hardware on the market now.

Prices for no-commitment VoIP termination begin at 1.1c for USA termination, United Kingdom and Germany for 1.4c. We accept payment via PayPal for as little as US$5 in order to get you started.

CallerID support is available for majority of USA destinations as well as most other international destinations.

Signup online instantly for a free account over at http://www.voxee.com and get your account activated immediately. You can be live and ready to send traffic for termination within a matter of minutes! Find out why most of our customer signups are through word of mouth referrals, because we offer clear voice connections for a very competitive rate.

Codecs Supported
- G711
- G729
- iLBC

Protocols Supported
- H323 (For large carriers)

Price list is available at http://www.voxee.com/rates.xls. For more information, email support@voxee.com

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