Voxpath Networks


Company: Voxpath Networks
Company Type: Incorporated
Founded: Late 2000 in Austin, Texas
Headquarters: Austin, Texas
Key People: Cary Balzer: President, CEO
John Moshier: SVP of Product & Operations
Alaric Silveira: CTO
Jon Irvin: VP of Finance and Administration
Dallas Clement: VP of Engineering
Paul Brown: VP Marketing
Michael Fair: VP of Sales
Industry: Communications Services
Products: Hosted Voice over IP Telephony Services
Employees: 45
Homepage: www.voxpathnetworks.com

Founded in 2000, Voxpath Networks is a US provider of hosted Voice over IP telephony technology and services, specializing in addressing the small business market. Voxpath Networks is headquartered in Austin, Texas and is currently led by a team of telecom experts from Sprint, Qwest, MegaPath Networks, and BBS Telecom.

Small Business VoIP Needs

Small businesses with fewer than 100 employees account for over 89% of the businesses in the United States today. This large and growing segment of the market has unique needs that aren’t addressed by traditional telecom companies. Small businesses have less capital to work with and need solutions that offer a small up-front investment and a lower total cost of ownership in order to stay competitive. They also need to have a flexible communication system that can adjust quickly and inexpensively to their seasonal needs. Moreover, small business owners can’t afford to sacrifice the efficiency and quality that comes with professional grade features and functionality and must be able to have access to the same cutting-edge technology their larger competitors are able to take advantage of in order to stay competitive.

Many VoIP companies are attempting to repackage their enterprise or residential services to address the SMB market but few are actually approaching this market with a service that is designed from the ground up to meet the unique needs of small business. Harmonica Small Business Communications, from Voxpath Networks, is one of the few VoIP providers that have been able to meet the specific needs of these small companies by combining the low overhead of a hosted service with the business features and quality made possible by cutting edge VoIP technology.

Access to Emergency Services

Although VoIP providers like Vonage are often criticized for not providing adequate or easy access to emergency services, Voxpath Networks is able to provide national emergency services coverage through a partnership with Intrado Inc. This service is automatic and transparent to Voxpath customers, who don’t have to register their address with the company in order to gain access to these services.

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