Workforce Management Software is a lifesaver for corporations who employee at-home workers, have satellite offices, or whose workers are geographically dispersed. WFM software by UCN allows managers to monitor and assist employees regardless of their location. Your manager is in Minnesota, your employee is in Salt problem. You have access to real-time transcripts of your employees work calls & work schedule, as well as historical and real-time data for workforce scheduling and forecasting. You even have access to an employee reminder system that distributes messages to confirm schedule changes and similar activities with employees, and all of this is just a mouse click away.

WFM Features

Seamless WFM Integration with inContact Hosted ACD Software

  • Integrated data including call detail used for forecasting and real-time agent states used for adherence
  • Integrated interfaces including myAgent which allows agents access to workforce scheduling information
  • Integrated messaging including reminder messages delivered to agents regarding scheduled activities that help them adhere to the published workforce schedule

Manager Interface

  • Create/Modify/Publish schedules
o Work periods
o Lunches
o Breaks
o Meetings
o Training sessions
  • Analyze the quality of schedules
  • Monitor real-time adherence (RTA)
  • View historical adherence
  • Approve or Deny employee time-off requests, work preferences & shift trades
  • Broadcast notifications
  • Employee Web Interface
(Sign-in on website)
  • Enter work time availability & preferences
  • View & Print published schedules
  • Request approval for time off, Request approval for shift trades, Report in late / sick
  • Create/Modify notification preferences

Hosted IVR Interface (Call toll-free number, enter PIN)

  • Listen to published schedules or messages
  • Report in late / sick
  • Request time off

Find out how UCN's Workforce Management Software can improve your bottom line!

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