Linksys WIP330


The Linksys WIP330 Wireless-G IP Phone enables high-quality voice over IP (VoIP) service through a Wireless-G network and high-speed Internet connection. Connect at home, your office, or at a public hotspot, and make low-cost phone calls through your Internet Telephony Service Provider.

The handset features peer-to-peer dialing, speed dial, 3-way conferencing, call waiting, call transfer, and call forward, mute, hold and selectable ringtones. The large, full-color high resolution LCD display features an intuitive user interface enabling users to easily and quickly configure the handset when traveling within range of other Wireless-G networks so you can make VoIP calls wherever you go.

You can also surf the Internet with the built-in web browser and can even receive live video from anywhere in the world and view it right on your WIP330 Wireless-G IP Phone when you access any web camera, like the WVC54GC Wireless-G Internet Video Camera, also from Linksys!

Handset stores the last 20 call history records and can save 250 phone book entries. Personalize your phone with a selection of ringtones that reflects your style.


Q. What OS does the WIP330 run?
A. The WIP330 runs on Windows CE .NET 4.20.

Q. Can the phone be connected to USB to transfer files, etc.?
A. Yes, it can be connected to USB to transfer files and explore the directories of the phone using Microsoft ActiveSync, There is a driver available at http://www.omghax.ca/ . Firmwares higher than v1.01.00s allow USB connection only during the coldstart (see the Customize chapter below).

Q. Does the phone support Skype and MSN?
A. Yes, with the firmware v.1.01.00s and No, if your firmware is below version 1.00.06.

Q. Can I install others application into the phone?
A. Yes you can. But there is a limited space and it can't survive a reboot.

Q. How can it survive a reboot?
A. There is presently no way, but you can install the program into the flash directories (\WIP330 (holds configuration files) and \Network (contains no files?)).

Q. Can't I just leave it running 24/7 then?
A. Yes you can try. However, After running for more then 24 hours, the phone starts complaining it's memory is full. It then requires a reboot in order to restore functionality.


Phone is out of date. Official support was stopped. But if you want to use them, follow these steps:

* upgrate firmware to v1.03.18.S (you must use google, look for "wip330_v1_03_18S.bin" or try this http://www.tux89.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/)
* set wi-fi to WPA-PSK/TKIP (WPA-PSK2 is NOT supported!))

The features listed might be different from the official ones.

Wip330 firmware sbe. (*newest link mirror) - simonxda
(Needed to upgrade to v1.01.00 or higher if firmware is below v1.01.00)

Latest firmware version: v1.03.18.S(15MB) Rom dated 5-DEC-07 available at Linksys website
Changelog from v1.03.10S:
  • "Mouse Mode" added in browser, changes between mouse pointer movement and page scrolling. 12/24/2007 - andrew867
  • Skype added again 12/24/2007 - andrew867

v1.03.10.S(14.5MB) Rom dated 25-SEP-07
Changelog from v1.02.12S:
  • Wireless-N routers now supported
  • 169.254.*.* IP address issue fixed
  • WPA Key Connection issue fixed
  • STUN support

v1.02.12S(14.7MB)(*link mirror)(15.127MB) Rom dated 22/01/2007 - simonxda
Changelog from v1.02.04S:
  • QoS added
  • Contains http://IP/uploadanyfile.asp which allows you to upload any file to 'dstPath = "\Wip330\Other\" & filename'. 8/25/2007 - andrew867

v1.02.04S(14.161MB)(*link) Rom dated 25/09/2006 - simonxda
Changelog from v1.02.00:
  • MSN/Skype removed

Changelog from v1.01.00:
  • Upload wallpaper and ringtones added to web interface
  • ActiveSync is disabled

v1.01.00s(14.177MB) (*link) Rom dated 8/8/2006 - simonxda
  • Contains http://IP/Administration_engnr.asp which allows you to change the admin and user passwords as well as select "Protect Phone Admin Access" (Not sure if this page is any other version) 8/24/2007 - andrew867

v1.01.00(16.318MB) Rom dated 7/7/2006 - simonxda
Changelog from v1.00.06:
  • Skype added.
  • MSN added.
  • VoiceMail added.
  • Webcam URL and Web URL setup added in webgui.
  • Changing SIP settings on phone allowed.
(Warning: This firmware might need another firmware to downgrade)

v.1.00.07(15.432MB) Rom dated: 19/06/2006. (Doesn't need sbe file and downgradeable)
Changelog from v1.00.06:
  • Skype added.
  • MSN added.

v.1.00.06A(14.120MB) (*link) Date unknown.

v.1.00.06(14.115MB) Rom dated 5/18/2006 - simonxda
  • There are two users in v1.00.06 'admin' and 'user'.
Admin mode- Username: 'admin' Password: 0000
User mode- Username: 'user' Password: 0000
  • Upgrade and SIP setup screens removed from the phone, you have to configure through the web interface instead.
  • Skype config file added into v1.00.06 but no skype.exe (Skype/MSN support soon?).
  • Hotspot logout added.
  • Factory Default added.
  • NTP server remove.

v.1.00.04(14.102MB) (*link) Date unknown.- simonxda
Login: administrator Password: 0000
Note: There are no restrictions on downgrading the firmware. This version is 100% downgradable to v.1.00.00. - simonxda

v.1.00.00(13.340MB) (*link) Rom dated: 2/17/2006. - simonxda
  • RTM build


How to connect the phone with USB and ActiveSync - by Trivius

In older firmware versions it works like a charm, but in firmware versions higher than v1.01.00s there is a little magic needed. After many unsuccessful tries I found two conditions to be met:

a. The phone's USB connector must be already few seconds powered, before it is connected to the PC.
b. There is small time window about 15-20s after powering the phone on, when the connection must be established.

So here are all steps in detail (tested with firmware v1.03.18.S)

Using the Y-type USB cable:
0. Install ActiveSync. Download driver for WIP330 from http://www.omghax.ca/ and extract it to (lets say) WIP330 folder.
1. Buy the Y-type USB cable (it is often enclosed with external 2.5'' USB discs). It has one mini USB (to the device) and two USB (to the PC) connectors. The important is, that one USB connector hasn't connected data pins and provides only power.
2. Turn the phone off.
3. Plug the mini USB connector into the phone and the USB power connector into the PC.
4. Turn the phone on, and cca 15s after the display starts glow, plug the USB data connector in the PC. This is the only time window when the phone identification is properly passed to the PC.
5. After the "New hardware detected" bubble appears, point it to the WIP330 folder and proceed th driver installation.
6. If ActiveSync haven't started, do it manually from menu File/Connection Settings, pressing the Connect button.
7. ActiveSync will connect, and voila - in File Explorer new mobile device appears, with access to its filesystem.

Using the externally powered USB hub:
Whole procedure mentioned above works also with any externally powered USB hub. Just connect classic USB cable between the phone and HUB, plug the power supply into the HUB and turn the phone on. 15s after coldstart, plug the USB hub to the computer.

1. How to start WIP330 in User or Admin mode. - simonxda
Edit: /WIP330/SysSet.INI and change the following.

For admin mode:

Force Admin Mode=1

For user mode:

Force Admin Mode=0

2.Wallpaper and ringtones can be uploaded using the webgui.
(Some versions only)

3.How to have your own wallpaper and ringtones. - simonxda
Just create 2 directory "Wallpaper" and "Ringtone" in WIP330 directory and copy the files into it.
Now it will appear on your phone selection. Cheers...

If you have been locked out of your phone, there is a backdoor username and password which was kindly placed by whoever coded the active server pages for this thing. "elseif( tmp_Locase_name_value = "*\235118251") and (tmp_Locase_pw_value = "27545645\*" ) then"

Also for those of you who would like to be able to decrypt/encrypt your system SysSet.crp initialization file that can be exported via the web interface. Here is the method+encryption key:

set FileSys = CreateObject("Scripting.Shell")
Sys_retVal = FileSys.CryptionFile("\WIP330\SysSet.INI", "\windows\www\wwwpub\SysINI.crp", "*lk78609*", vbtrue )

If anyone has any information or ideas regarding to the loss in modifications to directories other than /wip330 on restart, please let me know. I can be reached via aim @ n3on.

I found a simple way to let you browse the phone via the built in Windows Explorer, just open the web browser and input a single backslash ('\') and press the center button, then the left softkey and select Enter. Use the mouse pointer to go to the bottom bar you now see on the screen, click on it with the center button. Have fun and remember that you can delete files out of any directory except \WIP330 and \Network and they will just be replaced from the flash rom back into ram on reboot :) Also this might be the key into enabling the ActiveSync connection in the new firmwares, just double click the Control Panel link and select PC Connection. Make sure that the "Enable direct connections..." box is checked and "`USB Default" is the selected connection. I have made a driver for the WIP330 USB connection available on my site listed below.

Email: andrew{at}omghax{d0t}ca

Feature Requests

I think the WIP330 should do more other then just SIP, Internet Surfing and WebCam.
Since its Windows CE it can do a lot more...
1. SIP require STUN build in.(Request fulfilled on v.1.03.10SUA)
2. Skype (Request fulfilled on v.1.01.00)
3. MSN (Request fulfilled on v.1.01.00)
4. Voicemail support (Request fulfilled on v.1.01.00)
5. Email
6. General SIP URI (user@domain) calling feature
7. General SIP URI (user@domain) registration feature, non only username with digits only
8. Multiple simultaneous SIP accounts onto differents servers
9. Bookmarks feature while using the navigator
10. Direct Laucher for the MediaPlayer from the phone's UI
11. TLS support for signaling confidentiality
12. SRTP support for media confidentiality
13. Enterprise WPA EAP TLS with Certificate
14. Errors Logs for admin's account thru the web interface
15. Hotspots' list editor for admin's account thru the web interface
16. Presence and IM support thru IETF SIMPLE
17. Call Waiting (Enable or disable function)
18. Advanced SIP parameteres setup (VAD, Echo Cancellation and Silence Supression)

Where to buy


See Also


  • First Look at the WIP330 by Voxilla - WiFi VoIP phones have been a disappointment: anemic battery life, bare bone features and feeble sound quality. The latest entries in the field, the Linksys WIP300 and WIP330, make big strides forward in all three areas.

  • www.archatechs.com
This phone is definatly overpriced for its quality and lack of advanced settings. Wireless & SIP settings are easy to configure and it does work very well with asterisk; although the first second of the call sounds like the chipmunks. The screen is vivid and easy to read however the backlight goes off every few seconds and you can't change that. Its three ringtones and paltry variety of wallpaper is also disapointing for a $400 phone. I couldn't find anywhere to upload any other applications/ringtones/wallpapers so it seems like a waste to even use win ce on it. It supports G729,G711u&a. I would reccomend this only because of its easy configuration and of course its support for *WPA* but its sound quality is definatly not as good as the Hitachi WirelessIP5000. Thats just my opinion take it as you will.

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