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Wahsega Labs is the designer and manufacturer of the highest quality VoIP products in the market. Our team is made up of industry veterans with experience in design, manufacturing, software development, sales and support. From the very beginning, we have designed our products, support and culture specifically for installers.

We take pride in providing our valued installers with a product that they can stand behind with confidence. Both during an installation and well after its completion, it is the installer who takes on responsibility for a product's performance. This is why we have taken years to develop the highest quality products available and, crucially, provide them directly to our installers. If you need help, have a question or want to provide feedback, you can pick up the phone and talk directly to our team.

The key to our success is maintaining the very highest quality in our products, and we achieve this by designing, developing and manufacturing those products right here in the USA. Our metal comes from Tennessee, stamping work from Wisconsin and internal circuitry from Georgia. Our products are assembled, finished and shipped to you from our facility in north Georgia. We are proud to support American jobs and manufacturing and committed to the highest standards of excellence throughout our product lines.

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Product line

InformaCast® Endpoints
Learn more about Wahsega Labs Simple IP control solutions with InformaCast.

IP Paging Products
The Wahsega 2-Channel IP Paging Zone Controller with InformaCast® utilizes the power of the InformaCast® Advanced Notification System for multiple notification scenarios, from bell schedules to emergency lockdowns.

IP Intercom Products
Durable IP intercoms by Wahsega Labs are made for every conceivable application both indoors and outside.

InformaCast Endpoints
InformaCast® is a powerful communications platform that holds strong in education and healthcare. Wahsega Lab's endpoints are designed to work in lock-step with Singlewire's showcase IP communications system.

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