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Web conferencing is the process of using an Internet connection to conference with one or more people simultaneously through audio or video.

Why Use Web Conferencing?

Meeting in person with just one individual can be expensive and time consuming, and even more so when you are trying to get a whole room full of people together to discuss something important. Instead of factoring in commutes and rented conference rooms, have everyone meet virtually from the comfort of their own offices. With web conferencing, you can do and share everything you would in a face-to-face meeting, such as uploading files to share or giving everyone a view of your own screen. Hosting a lecture or a webinar is also easy this way.

What Operating Systems Work With Web Conferencing?

Because there are so many different kinds of laptops and mobile devices out there, web conferencing software has been developed with a similar variety, enabling any solution in regards to operating systems and other differing technology. All-computer web conferencing is readily available, but also make sure to take into consideration the rising dependence of mobile devices by everyone; perhaps the group would be more interested in web conferencing from their smart phones, so in that case you would choose a software that excels in mobile devices. Some web conferencing software can be accessed on all platforms, and some target specific operating systems for maximum use in special skills.

What About Audio/Video/Chat Capabilities?

As a whole, web conferencing software is very versatile; there is something for everything. For example, there is an option that everyone can see everyone else's faces and speak so everyone hears, or can type into a special chat window that follows the conversation and allows for questions. For whatever a meeting would need to sound and look like in person, there is a web conferencing option to make that happen.

What About Other Features?

Video conferences, file uploads and sharing, the ability to record the meeting (in addition or instead of taking minutes), and share a single screen on everyone's device are just a few of the amazing capabilities of web conferencing. Truly, whatever would be discussed and handed out in a typical board room meeting would get the same treatment in these online meetings, but instead of everyone getting a stack of printed documents in a binder, they can just download the packet to their computer. No filing, which saves room, and no wasting paper, which helps save the environment.

Is This Technology Secure?

Some software is more secure than others; this is true no matter what the type is. When you make the decision about which web conferencing software is best for you, take into consideration the level of security and encryption needed for your business and choose accordingly.

Web conferencing is a low cost and highly effective means to organize business meetings, for companies who have just one office or those that have a hundred offices spread across the world. Organizing that huge monthly meeting will have never been easier. Save time, save money, save paper, and choose web conferencing for the future of your business.

Web Conferencing Providers

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  • Collaboration Solutions Spectranet offering Audio & Video Conferencing solutions and the most innovative Hosted Messaging services.
  • CosmoConf developed in WebRTC & FreeSWITCH is a unified conferencing solution to conduct conferences, meetings, demo, presentations, etc. remotely worldwide.
  • Cisco - Cisco Unified Collaboration Solutions provides all aspects of communication including phone and video conferencing over the web.
  • Drum - Drum provides a web meeting solution utilising WebRTC removing the barriers of software downloads integrated into a website or portal.
  • Google Talk - Google Talk provides web conferencing for free
  • Skype - Skype is the online, free leader of video and web conferencing.
  • PhastCloud - PhastCloud is an easy to use telephony service that uses call-out to quickly conference two or more users. You simply enter your number once and add as many participants as you like. The system then calls them all and places them in your Cloud. voip-info.org users can use trial code V-INFO to sign up for 30 days of unlimited conferencing (US 48).
  • Smart Voice Network AVIDO delivers a truly all-in-one web conferencing solution for all your organization-wide online communication needs. Web conferencing usage can vary widely, depending on business necessities, daily fluctuations in application requirements, and even personal preferences. Using AVIDO as your communication medium offers you easily accessible solutions to any communication challenge – whenever or wherever they arise.
  • Facewebinar - Facewebinar provides a free web based meeting solution using WebRTC so that no need to install any applications and meeting can be set in less than 10 seconds using web browser.
  • Voxeet - Voxeet is a free HD web conferencing software with 3D audio and immersive sound.

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