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Is Web Hosting Free?

Free website hosting is available and can work well for small or personal websites. Free web hosting will get your website published on the Internet with no cost to you. Most web hosting is not free, but there are very affordable paid plans that start as low as a few dollars a month. Paid web hosting offers more features and functionality than a free web hosting plan. However, some free web hosting companies will still offer basic technical support and site building software.

How is Web Hosting Free?

Free web hosting is possible through a few methods. The major way web hosting companies can offer free web hosting is with advertisements. The free web hosting provider will put their ads on your website to help pay the costs of the resources.

Free web hosting is also sometimes offered by your Internet service provider. You pay the monthly costs for your Internet service and as added bonus they will give you some disk space to build and host a website. The provider generally only allows personal websites to use this benefit.

Free web hosting is sometimes available when you purchase a domain name from a registrar. The registrar offers free web hosting so that you will hopefully purchase more domains or upgrade to a paid web hosting plan with them.

On a similar vein, free web hosting is offered by some companies or software because they give you a subdomain. Tumblr and Blogger are two companies who offer such a service. Your website includes the URL to theirs and visits to your site will boost the views of theirs.

Web Hosting: Free or Paid?

Choosing between free and paid web hosting is fairly simple when you know the needs of your website. Is this website for a family blog? Do you just want to play around and learn how web hosting works? Free web hosting would work for you.

Free web hosting is geared towards people with small websites that won’t require a large amount of server resources. Personal blogs, family photo websites, or even a very small business site operates well with free web hosting.

Is this website going to sell a product? Is this a professional website? Paid web hosting will offer security for online transactions. Professional websites using free web hosting will crash if too many visitors come at once and will want to consider paid web hosting.

Web Hosting: Free Plans

Here are some of the best free web hosting plans as rated by users:
  • FreeHostia, 250 MB disk space, 6 GB bandwidth
  • Zymeic, 5 GB disk space, 50 GB bandwidth
  • Xtreem-Host, 2500 MB disk space, 100 GB bandwidth
  • 000Webhost, 1500 MB disk space, 100 GB bandwidth
  • Host-ed, 1000 MB disk space, 10 GB bandwidth
  • AwardSpace, 250 MB disk space, 5 GB bandwidth
  • LeadHoster, 250 MB disk space, 5 GB bandwidth
  • ByetHost, 5 GB disk space, 200 GB bandwidth

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