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Website hosting enables you to publish your website to the Internet. Website hosting can seem difficult to navigate because of the numerous options, but it can be broken down to make choosing an appropriate plan more comprehensible.

Website hosting companies offer a variety of comprehensive features for all website hosting types to accommodate your personalized needs like site building tools for beginners, e-commerce functionality for businesses, and 24-hour technical support for everyone.

Types of Website Hosting

There are five basic types of website hosting:
  • Free website hosting
  • Shared website hosting
  • Dedicated website hosting
  • Virtual private server website hosting
  • Cloud website hosting

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Free Website Hosting

Free website hosting is free of a monthly charge, but is only beneficial in a few cases. The website hosting companies offering free website hosting are able to pay for the access by putting ads on your website. The resources given to free websites are also fairly minimal. Free website hosting is best used for small personal websites or testing and learning about how hosting works.

Paid Website Hosting

Shared website hosting is the most affordable website hosting. The website hosting companies providing shared hosting are able to keep costs down by sharing the resources of the server with other websites. Rates for shared website hosting range from a few dollars to $10 a month.

Each website is allocated a set amount of the resources and they are limited to that amount, which can limit the performance of your website. A shared website hosting plan offers features that a free plan does not, like site building tools and live technical support. Each website on a shared server has their own account, but if one account gets hacked then the whole server may also be vulnerable.

Dedicated website hosting is the opposite of shared hosting, where the server and the server’s full resources are dedicated to your website and only your website. You are in essence paying to rent and use the whole server for yourself, so the costs tend to reflect this. However, this gives you complete control over the server and how it is set up. Dedicated website hosting provides the most secure option and you are the only one with access to the server. Monthly rates for dedicated website hosting start at $100 and can go up to $400 depending on data amounts, speed, and desired features.

Virtual private servers provide a cost-effective way to get more resources. Virtual private servers are set up to appear private like a dedicated server, but the server and costs are actually shared by a few websites.

The difference between true shared website hosting and a virtual private server is that the server’s resources are available and usable to every website on the server instead of being split evenly between each of them. This greatly increases the performance of the website. Additionally, virtual private servers offer more security than shared website hosting.

Prices for virtual private server hosting are roughly $40-$60 a month.

Cloud website hosting is a newer type of website hosting based on the cloud architecture, which means the websites are operating off of multiple connected servers. The biggest benefit of cloud hosting is the ability to scale your server’s resources up and down to fit your needs.

Cloud website hosting is charged on the amount of resources you use, like an energy bill, so you don’t need to pay up to reserve a large amount for the occasional surges of heavy traffic.

Cloud hosting does have one disadvantage: managing security. The traditional forms of security do not work in a cloud environment as the files of the website are spread out across multiple servers, and the physical location of the website is not in your control. The cloud can still be made secure, but it is still a developing technology.

The Best Website Hosting Type

The best website hosting type for you could be any of these and will be primarily based on your webhosting needs. A very large professional website with a lot of traffic and e-commerce transactions may benefit from a virtual private server or dedicated website hosting, but a small hobby website will run just fine with shared website hosting. The monthly cost of website hosting will also probably be a large factor in your choice of website hosting types. A personal cooking blog likely doesn’t need the in-depth e-commerce features a more expensive website hosting plan pays for, for example.

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