Weltech 302


This phone cost me AU$64, including postage, from Astratel. A very good deal really, as it seems to be an ok phone. Nothing really special, but certainly functional and usable.

The biggest drawback of the 302 is that the LCD isn't backlit, which makes it very hard to see what it says. In fact, mostly, i have to tip the phone towards me to be able to read it.

Apart from that, it seems to be a reasonably well-designed phone and voice quality seems to be quite acceptable. It's got very big buttons, which make it nice and easy to operate, and the layout's friendly.

I don't like the shape of the handpiece though, as it's curved in a way that makes it very difficult to hold with your shoulder. Hands free seems to work ok, although i haven't really tested it properly. I don't like the feel of the handpiece much either - it's not as comfortable to hold for long periods as my BudgeTone's one is.

There's a small three-position switch on the side of the handpiece, next to the earpiece. It has "H" on one end and "L" on the other. This appears to be a tone control, which changes the tone of the audio coming through the earpiece. Quite a nice touch, really, although the difference doesn't seem really that great.

This phone has a 10 number phonebook, which is reasonably easy to access and put numbers in - either from the LCD menu or from the web config. To call a number from the phone book, you prefix that entry's index number with an *. It took me a while to work this out, as it doesn't appear to be mentioned anywhwere in the manual.

The phone's also got 5 speed-dial buttons down the left hand side. These relate to the first five entries in the phone book. The phone must be rebooted after changing these entries to get the speed dials to work.

The manual, which comes on a mini cd, among what appears to be every manual for all equipment WellTech makes, is fairly helpful on the subjects it actually covers - which, as i've indicated, isn't everything. However, it's necessary to install the traditional Chinese language support package to get it to display properly on Adobe reader - i'm not sure whether it's possible to make it display properly on other PDF readers.

I had no trouble at all configuring this phone to work with my Asterisk system. The web configuration system is clear and straightforward - better than the BudgeTone's.

Another thing i like about this phone is that, although it hasn't got a separate "send" button, you can choose whether to use the # or the * for the send function. This is better than some phones, which use the * for that and won't let you configure it (e.g., the Netcomm V85). Of course, it's much better to have a separate "send" button - like the BudgeTone.

The phone uses SNTP to set its time. This is a subset of NTP and the phone can sync from any NTP server you may have access to. When this is enabled, the time is displayed on the bottom line of the LCD. If you haven't got access to an NTP server, you can disable it and no time is displayed - unlike the BudgeTone, which irritatingly displays a date in 1900!

Overall, it was very good value for the AU$50 that Astratel were selling it for (on special, there are none left) - but i don't think i'd pay the full price for it (about AU$150). Instead, i'd get a BudgeTone, which is cheaper.

Product URL: http://www.welltech.com/product_e_05.htm

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