WideVoice Communications



Founded in 2008 by award winning industry veterans and pioneers, WideVoice Communications is a CLEC certified, facilities based network operator providing wholesale TDM and VoIP services to voice applications service providers and carriers.

Are you paying too much for calls to High Cost, High Traffic, USA Rural areas?

We specialize in direct, high quality low cost routes to rural areas that serve Conferencing and Chat providers, including: Iowa, South Dakota, and Minnesota.

Now completing over 30 million MOU per month to these areas.

  • Direct Ethernet, TDM and MPLS to RLEC’s
  • Connect at “One Wilshire”, Los Angeles, CA USA
  • SIP G.729, G.711, TDM PRI or ISUP
  • ASR’s of 99%+
  • ALOC’s of 15 minutes +
  • No PDD issues
  • Net-15 Billing

Contact us at 702-553-3007 x4 or via email: sales@widevoice.com for more info and a quote on your traffic today!

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