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From press release:

EtherPeek VX can analyze up to 100 open calls simultaneously, without requiring any expensive hardware, to provide unsurpassed value for post-deployment analysis. The product provides per-call analytics and metrics, and supports multiple signaling protocols like SIP, H323, MGCP, SCS and more. The signaling analysis provides visual flow of messages between participating end-points in a call. The media plane analysis looks at packet-level details of RTP and RTCP streams and evaluates packet delay variations, packet loss, jitter, etc. and provides a passive MOS value for each call.

EtherPeek VX provides accurate Quality of Service, Video and Voice quality measurements. Comprehensive drill-down capability can isolate every level of the signaling and media planes for detailed views of VoIP activity and call quality. EtherPeek VX easily detects problems such as inefficient bandwidth utilization, inefficient packet loss recovery, poor compression, sub-optimal jitter buffer length, quality degradation, inadequate Voice Activity Detection (VAD) and long signaling setups. EtherPeek VX will ship in July 2004.

How To Debug and Troubleshoot VOIP
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