Wildix is a multinational company operating in the branch of telecommunications and specializing in Voice Over IP (VoIP) products and Unified Communication solutions. It operates in Italy and France and uses its own research and development center in Odessa. Bringing the people closer and improving the production at the workplace are the challenges that the United Communications intend to take up, for the world to become always closer and for the work to be always simplified by the new technologies.

WMS — Wildix Multimedia system developed by Wildix

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Wildix systems are based on TLC industrial electronics with microprocessor for management and processing of voice and data network protocols. The switch matrix of the system is realized on most software layers of the PBX physical memory. Wildix systems allow convergence of voice and data and they were designed for both SIP and TDM protocols management. Wildix management system is completely web-based and consists of WMS and WMP.

Both components do not require any physical installation and are accessible from PC or mobile devices on any operating system (Windows, Linux, Apple MacOS). Wildix management system can be hosted on the dedicated servers and allows access in a multiuser mode. Via the graphical interface you can activate and manage all your Wildix PBXs (it’s possible to connect all your offices to the WMS Network), add the users and edit their preferences, configure all the devices belonging to your network, even remote ones, thanks to the auto-provisioning system.

Main Features

  • IAX2 SIP users and trunks full
  • automatic autoprovisioning for W-AIR, Cat-IQ cordless phones
  • features presence monitoring (DND, CF, TIMETABLES)
  • inter system presence monitoring and IM system configuration (NETWORKING, DHCP SERVER, NTP SERVER)
  • full extensions management
  • presence monitoring of sip trunks
  • backup and restore of all system properties
  • WMS users ACL remote fs support and usb devices for data storage
  • remote cdr configuration and Blues
  • XML application support

Wildix VoIP Phones


Phone is an essential instrument we use in our daily work life. The line of Wildix VoIP phones is an ideal complement to your Wildix PBX.
Wildix offers four phone models, each of them was designed to guarantee the maximum audio quality, high performance and usability.
WP480 and WP490 have a clear and intuitive user interface. WP600 is provided with a high resolution TFT color display and HD wideband audio.
W-AIR phone is a Wildix cordless solution that uses CAT-iq protocol for transferring data and voice on the radio channel.

In addition to the basic functions, Wildix phones are supplied with the advanced features, such as XML browser and PoE alimentation. Thanks to the Wildix auto-provisioning system, configuration of Wildix VoIP phones is immediate and simple. You can set up the BLF keys of your phones to monitor different functions of the PBX. For example, via the BLF keys it’s possible to check the activity status of your colleagues and pick up a ringing call of another user, to monitor timetables.

Main Features

  • Complete integration with Wildix PBX
  • G.722 audio HD wideband
  • Monitoring of extensions and features
  • Ergonomics and usability
  • Internal and remote XML phonebook
  • SRTP support for secure communications
  • SMS sending and receiving

Wildix Unified Communications solution


CTIconnect PRO is the Wildix Collaboration system that brings all the communication means into one seamless environment. One simple instrument, completely web-based, for any type of communication for both on-site and remote users. CTIconnect has an intuitive and simple graphical interface accessible via any modern browser.

No end user training and additional installation of the components! Users can connect to the system anytime, anyplace, using any device connected to the Internet: PC, Laptop, Tablet, regardless of the OS. Just type the PBX IP address in and enter your credentials for the immediate access to the Wildix Unified Communication services. The Presence service allows you to know the activity status of your colleagues at any given moment. Presence information is an effective tool for more precise and efficient communication between the colleagues, allowing you to instantly see who is available, who is absent, busy in another conversation or does not want to be disturbed.

Users can also enable geolocation to let the others know their location and view them on the map. You can select a contact and start a conversation with just one click: make audio and video calls, chat, send a note (virtual Post-It), send a fax, share your desktop, participate in text, audio and video conferences. CTIconnect reduces the distance between the colleagues and increases your responsiveness to the customer.

Wildix videoconference system


Wildix presents Zero Distance, a simple and efficient solution for collaboration, realized on the solid basis of WMS and Cloud WMS Network systems. Zero Distance is the Wildix tool for calls, audio and video conferencing and desktop sharing, completely integrated into CTIconnect. You can organize virtual meetings with your distant colleagues and collaborators without leaving your desk: you can start a text, audio and video conference with one click.

With Zero Distance you can make and receive audio and video calls from your PC via the CTIconnect interface. The application allows you to manage the call directly from the pop-up window and adjust your video settings. Video calls to multiple users are supported. A user who created a conference, becomes the conference moderator who manages the conversation process. During a conference he can dynamically add or exclude the participants, give the right of word to the users.

Once the participants enter a conference room, a multi-user chat starts automatically, then the moderator can start an audio and a video conference. The moderator can stream his video or share his desktop with other participants. Zero Distance is useful for assistance and training purposes since it supports desktop sharing both during a video call or a conference. Wildix technology saves you from unnecessary traveling and provides efficient and instant tools for communication at Zero Distance with your colleagues.


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WebRTC integration with Wildix Unified Communications http://pbx.wildix.com/en/2013/05/webrtc-leads-the-communication-revolution/
Wildix Android Application http://pbx.wildix.com/en/2013/05/wildix-presents-the-application-for-android/
Wildix presents W04FXOhttp://pbx.wildix.com/en/2012/11/fxo-configuration-2/


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