Asterisk on Microsoft Windows


  • Asterisk for the Cygwin environment. Cygwin allows many Linux/Unix programs to be compiled and run under Windows. Limited hardware support (X100P & Clones, CAPI, TAPI, and CELLIAX) at this time.


  • A package you install in Windows that runs asterisk inside a mini-Lnux that runs on top of Windows.

Telephony hardware supported on Windows


  • (asterisk + chan_celliax + related configuration utilities) runs on Asterisk 1.2 on Linux and Windows (with cygwin and a little modification to the compilation of Asterisk to avoid the calls to sigkill). Supports IAX, SIP, and cellphones (with support for Skype calls from/to cellphones). With Celliax is distributed the Celliax LiveCD, with a working installation of Asterisk, chan_celliax, and configuration utilities, based on Knoppix. The Celliax LiveCD contains also all is needed to run Celliax on Windows: the cygwin installer and the tgz with the asterisk-celliax stuff to be untarred in a basic cygwin installation. Registry Tweaks Spyware Blocker
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