World Phone

The World Phone works just like the telephones you currently use. Dial tones, busy signals, and call waiting notification are all supported.

· Clear communications on broadband AND dial up connections, anywhere in the world.
· Connection is through the USB port and made with a simple one time software download.
· Connect up to 256 people at a time for conferencing with a simple click of a button.
· Click a button, “Share my Desktop” and instantly collaborate on a project.
· Instantly send voice emails as .wav files recorded right on the phone, as easily as using ordinary voice mail.
· Supports voicemail, call recording, voice command dialing, screen dialing, telephony integration with existing software including MS Outlook, NetMeeting and Messenger.
· Even when you are traveling your World Phone connects to any Internet connected PC allowing your full access to World Phone services.
· Call World Phone to World Phone: Free unlimited calling for a retail price of $29.95/month, anywhere in the world, anytime.
· Call World Phone to any Land Line Phone requires small local charge.
· 800,000 World Phones have been sold internationally. This enhanced version, for the North American market, is just now being released.

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World Phone
State of the art PC USB-connected Telephony Device

World Phone technology dramatically reduces your telephone costs. With superior quality and a vast list of advanced features, next-generation telephony system is right here.

For office or for home users, the perfect solution that turns your PC into a smart phone. Real convergence of PC and Telephony into a powerful device
• Talk to your colleagues & buddies from anywhere on the globe with no time limits
• Works like your existing phone, with caller ID, call waiting and multi-users conference calls

Features & Benefits

• Easy Connection PC to PC software package
• Easy to install USB plug & play technology
• VoIP Caller ID
• PC sound card not required
• Superior sound quality
• Normal use of a sound card while call is in progress
• On/Off Hook detection, allows for intuitive start and end of VoIP calls

• Enable high quality VoIP phone calls as well as low cost international phone calls
• Interoffice and Intra-office automated LAN & WAN calls – reduce expenses, increase productivity
• End-user device for soft-PBX solutions, compatible phone that connects to the PC and turns it into
a high-quality telephony extension
• Preserves users' habits - relies on familiar calling patterns
• Easy-to-retrieve VoIP Voice Mail system
• Desktop sharing
• Call journal

Technical Specifications

• Solid-State Hook Switch
• Dual Microphone & Speaker systems - base unit and handset
• DTMF Keypad – Function Keys
• 2.5mm Connector Headset
• Artificial Side Tone

Box Size: 220x100x85mm
Weight: 660 gr.
System Requirements: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP - USB Port - 28.8 Kbps Internet connection
Power Consumption: 76mA, 3.8W
USB Bandwidth Consumption: 12%
Internet Bandwidth Consumption: 0.8Kbps (ISDN line supports up to 10 simultaneous calls)

Is this a VOIP phone??? what protocols are supported??

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