The Xc-Ast queue log analyzer is a program that analyzes queue_log output data provided by running call queues on an Asterisk installation. It is not mantained anymore. Its successor is called QueueMetrics.

It lets you select one or more queue(s) and analyze all queue activity for a given period of time. It even monitors agent logon and logoff and can produce a formatted report for:
- Taken calls
- Lost calls (user disconnected)
- Agent logon/logoff (if agents are used at all)
- Call distribution by area code
The results can then be exported as CSV files.

It lets you monitor an agent for a given period of time, producing the same reports (teken calls, SLA, logons etc) as for queues. Administrative users can even listen to the very calls taken through their call centers simply using their browser.

It allows the real time monitoring of calls directly by each agent and the launch of URLs (like external CRM or call tracking apps) directly from XC-AST if defined by the command Queue. It shows whether the agent is currently logged in or out.

It also allows real time monitoring of queues, showing:
- agents speaking
- calls in the queue waiting to be handled
- waiting times
- agents logging on and off

Queues, users and agents are defined on a MySQL database; analysis data is extracted from a queue_log file that the user defines at runtime.

Its aim is to provide a complete call center monitoring system.

Xc-Ast is written in Java and runs in any servlet container, like Apache Tomcat or Jetty. It is currently available in a time-limited free beta trial version and actively looking for beta testers. While commercial licences are available for bigger installations, XC-AST is and will stay free for smaller installations that have up to two agents, i.e. home hackers or SOHOs.

There is a free user manual available with plenty of screenshots: http://demo.xcept.it/xc-ast/download/xc-ast_manual_1.pdf. A sample application can be tried on a live system by visiting http://demo.xcept.it/xc-ast/xcast-live.jsp, where the app can be tested with no obligation whatsoever.

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