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Are you sick of having to edit xml file for each and every extension? So were we! We created IP Phone Provisioning Tool as a way to automate the generation of xml files so you can generate hundreds of extensions in a matter of minutes instead of hours or even days.

IP Phone Provisioning Tool works with any kind of files including xml, text, html, etc but we use it primarily to generate xml files for IP phones such as Linksys, PolyCom and Cisco phones.

IP Phone Provisioning Tool features :

1. Database of each extension, their password and mac address which can be logically organised into different databases.
2. Ability to work with any kind of phone and any kind of template.
3. Complete control over the generation of files for different phone extensions.

A typical way to use IP Phone Provisioning Tool is as follows :

1. Create a new database of phone extensions and enter all the extensions you are interested in generating xml files for.
2. Enter the phone models that you will be working on together with the base xml templates which are used to generate the xml files for each extension. Decide how filenames are to be generated. For example, if you use linksys phones, the filename is always spa$mac$.cfg where $mac$ will be replaced with the mac address.
3. Specify the replacement tags in your base templates. For example you would place the keyword $proxy$ in the base template where you want to replace it with the proxy value. You can specify additional keywords within the program.
4. Tag the phones you want to generate the xml files for and hit the generate xml button.
5. You now have all the xml files for phones that are tagged. Just upload the files to your SIP server and you are ready to roll.
6. If you like this tool, we would appreciate it if can spread the word by mentioning it in your blogs, website, etc. Hopefully it will save more people time to do productive stuff like having a cold beer (lol) instead of being frustrated with vendors who don't release their provisioning tools to the general public.

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