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XO One Managed Services is an offering of bundled telecommunication and professional services that can be customized to help mid-tier and larger companies increase the quality, reliability and ROI of their integrated communication network. XO One designs and integrates all the elements of a communications infrastructure and delivers a seamless, interoperable solution with a single monthly invoice. Managed Services include the following suite of professional services:

Customer Premise Equipment Solutions encompass a variety of products and applications. The primary PBX platforms are manufactured by NORTEL and AVAYA. Premise wiring and CPE moves / adds / changes are also offered. These standard products can operate as a standalone offering but are typically integrated with network services.

Network Services Solutions are custom designed and built for the specific needs of a business. Services typically include XO local voice access, long distance services and Internet access, but may also include other carrier services if XO network is unavailable.

Professional Services include project management, multi-location billing consolidation and system monitoring.

Today’s typical telecommunications solutions are complex. They require the customer to blend the services of multiple providers into a single, integrated solution. Users often deal with several different suppliers, including Local Exchange Carriers, long distance companies, Internet Service Providers, PBX vendors, cabling contractors, etc. If additional sites are also part of the mix, the number of vendors can grow rapidly — with the end users required to fill the role of design engineer, contract manager, project manager, troubleshooter, and so on. No single vendor is typically accountable for the total solution, often resulting in sub-par quality, reliability and ROI.

Customer Benefits
Reduce up front investment in equipment or personnel;
Reduce operating expenses and easier upgrade/scalability;
Simplify billing by consolidating vendors and multi-location bills;
Expand service capabilities and market presence;
Access to best-of-breed technologies and products;
Superior network reliability and redundancy;
Scalable to meet high or rapidly changing telecom requirements;
Customers maintain control of their assets and operations
24-hour on-site systems monitoring and technical support;
Compatible with existing telephone and Web infrastructure.

The XO One Managed Service Advantage
Managing the many different aspects of communications infrastructure has traditionally required a full time staff of experienced professionals. Many customers need additional support, but may be unwilling to completely outsource their operations. XO One provides a consultative, turnkey solution but leaves the customer in total control of their assets and daily operation. Additional reasons a customer might consider implementing a Managed Service solution include:

A single, integrated design and interoperable solution;
Well coordinated service delivery and project management;
Proven technologies suitable and scalable for current and future needs;
Free-up capital traditionally required for CPE hardware and software for use on strategic initiatives;
Provide higher quality 24x7, anytime, anywhere level of service;
Better integrated telephony with CPE assets to improve ROI;
Simplify billing by consolidating vendors and multi-location bills onto a single invoice for all services.

Target Market
For the Commercial Markets organization, the target audience for Managed Services includes mid-tier (50 employees or larger) to Fortune 1000 companies, who desire higher levels of integration and ongoing professional support of their CPE and network, especially multi-location prospects.

Target industries include: Financial Services, Education, Healthcare, Retail, Travel and Hospitality, Utilities, and any other prospect that may be under-staffed or desires to improve communications quality, reliability and ROI.

Qualifying Questions for a Managed Services solution from XO One:
The following questions will help determine if a Managed Services solution may be right for your customer or prospect:

Expertise and Experience
Does the customer have the staff to design, install and maintain CPE/network infrastructure?
Does the customer have the ability to keep current with technology to make sure their systems continue to optimize performance?

Cost Savings
Would the customer like to reduce their upfront investment in premise equipment and software?
Would the customer like to leverage volume purchasing for both network access and equipment?
Does the customer wish to consolidate vendors and simplify billing to save time and reduce errors?

Superior Technologies
Does the customer have expertise in a wide array of network and CPE technologies — and can they pick-and-choose the best-of-breed solution for them?
Does the customer need to add and manage call center applications across the U.S?

Network Reliability
Does the customer have the ability to maintain and monitor a network 24x7?
Can the customer build redundancy into their CPE and network?

Can the customer build a solution that can grow rapidly with changes in call volume or geographic needs?
Can the customer’s solution integrate new applications to improve functionality without having to rebuild everything from scratch?

Decision Makers for Managed Services
One or more of the following people/departments may be involved in the decision making process for buying a Managed Services solution:

President, CFO
CIO, IT, Telecom Manager
Call Center Manager

Components of an XO One Managed Services Solution

Managed CPE Platform:
XO One provides and supports all PBX hardware and software components for NORTEL and AVAYA.
CPE components are housed and supported at customer’s facilities and may require typical room conditioning (air, power, etc.) and space.

System Design:
XO One evaluates and designs a unique system for each customer to meet their specific individual needs. System design can draw on one or more of XO One partners to offer different levels of functionality.

Project Management:
XO One will design a timeline and manage the project plan milestones in support of customer’s desired criteria. Regularly scheduled communications will provide customers with updates and well coordinated provisioning to ensure the best possible installation.

XO One Managed Services are available in all XO U.S. markets.

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