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TDM - Most calls will be TDM rated with carriers unless it is IP to IP termination- dont be mislead about TDM rates! Most of your calls will end up being rated as TDM instead of "VOIP".

Sample rates ($10,000 take or pay)

716 818 4822 NY 140 MOBL 0.0040 0.0042
716 819 7130 NY 140 ITC 0.0095 0.0454
716 821 9104 NY 140 RBOC 0.0092 0.0454
716 822 9104 NY 140 RBOC 0.0092 0.0454
716 823 9104 NY 140 RBOC 0.0092 0.0454
716 824 9104 NY 140 RBOC 0.0092 0.0454

Intrastate (termination of calls within a state) Yes
Interstate (termination of calls among the 50 United States) Yes
Canadian Termination Yes
NANP (North American Numbering Plan-includes US Territories) Yes

XO looks at the calling party phone number and the called party phone number and rates the type of call, intrastate versus interstate based on the two numbers:
Originating ANI and Terminating ANI.
XO does NOT determine call jurisdiction based on the trunk group BTN (Billing Telephone Number) of the switch facility between the XO LD customer and XO; for provisioning we need to make sure we do not populate this field
Customer Profile:
Non-Carriers or Resellers
Use TDM Handoff for Origination or Termination of Minutes
Must do over 100K MOU per T1 or DS1/month
No platform or short duration call applications, i.e. broadcast fax or messages (less than 90 seconds)
For OCN/LATA pricing, trunks can only be provisioned outbound
Toll Free will rate at the ELD Toll Free inter and intrastate rates (not OCN/LATA pricing) (inbound traffic)
Call detail reports available via Business Center

International Termination Yes
Toll Free Termination Yes
Directory Assistance and Operator Services Yes
500 and 900 Calls No

Business Rules
Customer must commit to Take or Pay of $1500 MRC per DS1/T1
If customer has usage beyond $1500 per month per DS1/T1 they will be billed at OCN/LATA pricing.
One Long Distance product per service location (cannot combine standard rate plans (buckets) and ELD.
NDAs must be signed with prospects/customers
No further discounts available
New Toll Free pricing only applies to Enterprise Long Distance

Discounts 1 year 2 year 3 year
$2,500 to $5,000 0.00% 0.00% 2.50%
$5,000 to $10,000 0.00% 2.50% 5.00%
$10,000 to $15,000 0.00% 5.00% 10.00%
$15,000 to $20,000 0.00% 10.00% 15.00%

Total Spend in XO products contributes to greater discounts- imagine 15% off of half a penny average rates. Wireless rates are VERY cheap.

International Rates

Toll Free
Use existing ICB pricing and discounts
$.0173 Effective rate
IT Work around required currently.
Customers will see $0.045 base rate
Customers will see a 61.5% discount
Conference Calling and Calling Card

Save costs because of XO low competitive rates

For enterprises with large volumes of outbound long distance calls, Enterprise Long Distance is a long distance calling plan that provides:

Pricing Flexibility – provides the lowest price possible based on your unique mix of long distance traffic—because Enterprise Long Distance provides interstate/intrastate LATA and terminating-carrier specific pricing that enables extremely competitive rates

Maximum savings—with six-second increment billing (after the first minute) and four decimal-place rounding for precise invoicing

Cumulative discounts based on all usage and XO Products

Leverage total spending — higher discounts are earned on domestic outbound long distance based on total spending with XO
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