XRS wireless solutions


XRS wireless solutions is an innovative organization from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, which aims at small and medium sized businesses. In the end of the summer of 2011 XRS wireless solutions started from its office at the Westblaak 146 in Rotterdam. Thanks to the available internal knowledge it was soon possible to start and start gaining market share.

The products of XRS wireless solutions are carefully selected and produced. In this process, the wishes of our customers are of high importance. That's the reason why both before as after the sales procedure, we pay much attention to the customer's wishes and how these can be accomplished with our products.


The wireless system by XRS, the XRS 5440 BASE, forms the basis of your professional, flexible and reliable phone system. Thanks to its diversity in functionalities, you install a complete VoIP-system in one product. The support for a wide range of standards makes the system compatible with almost every internet telephony service provider. The high quality standards of the product ensure a reliable product to build your business' service on.


The XRS 5660 HANDSET is a wireless handset which enables your personnel to move around the workspace, without being attached to a cable or a specific workspace. Thanks to the durable battery, there's up to 18 hours talk time, and 200 hours stand-by time. The 2-inch color display can be modified to display your company's logo and gives a clear view of the functionalities on the screen.


The wireless XRS 6200 REPEATER from XRS wireless solutions is designed according to the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) standard. With one or more repeaters, you can extend the range of your XRS wireless system remarkably, in order to remain reachable at each location in and around your workspace.

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