XactView by Schmooze Com Inc

XactView is a desktop application for PBXact & PBXtended that allows you to interact with your phone system. With a click of your mouse, you have complete control over all phone calls and have the ability to see which coworkers are on the phone and who they are on with. Need to transfer a call? Simply drag the caller to a different extension tab and the call is transferred. Need to park a call or put a call on hold, with a simple click of your mouse you can accomplish this. Managing Conference bridges has never been easier with XactView. Now you can see a list of all callers in the conference bridge or transfer callers into a conference bridge with the click of your mouse. Need to mute a user in the conference bridge or better yet kick them out now this can be done with ease.

If you are in a call center environment, you now have complete control of your call queuing system. You can see each caller in you queue and how long they have been holding. With a simple click of the mouse you can manually transfer a call into a queue or move a call from one queue to another queue. You can also interactively login to different queues to accept calls.

Company managers have complete access to all calls in their organization. With capabilities such as call barging, call monitoring, and recording live calls, managers have more tools than ever to improve customer service and company communication.

XactView allows you to easily see who is in the office and who is out to lunch or on vacation. Individual users set their presence and other people in the organization can see where they are. This information also links in with the presence management of the phone and the Magic Button, allowing you to use a variety of applications to set and retrieve information about where a particular user is. Learn more about XactView.

  • Hang up a call
  • Transfer a call via drag & drop
  • Originate calls via drag & drop
  • Click and drag to voicemail
  • Click and drag to call mobile
  • Click to e-mail
  • URL Popper
  • Record calls
  • Mute/Unmute barged calls
  • Hold functions
  • Click-to-call function
  • Status info of active call
  • Dynamic Extension Directories (Extension Groups)
  • Extension Sorting
  • Extension Searching
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