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Proactive solutions for ensuring the reliability, performance and quality of time sensitive, real-time IP communications.



Xelor Software is focused on delivering the ability for mid- to large-sized enterprises to have the reliability, performance and quality of communications with IP telephony (IPT) and voice over IP (VoIP) that are available with traditional circuit-switched telephony systems.

In several recent surveys, two-thirds of the respondents reported that they and their fellow enterprise telephony users had complaints about the quality of IPT and VoIP systems. Many of the issues with IPT and VoIP have a root cause in the failure of current tools and techniques for the configuration, deployment and management of Quality of Service (QoS) on the enterprise network. Xelor Software has a solution to automate the enterprise QoS process.

Xelor Software offers XelorRate Service Quality Manager, the first software-only solution that provides service quality management (SQM) for enterprises deploying IPT and VoIP systems. XelorRate is the only SQM solution that unleashes the capability of converged network infrastructure for QoS, enforces service quality policy end-to-end, and controls network resources for realtime IP communications on a proactive basis.

XelorRate lowers the cost of VoIP installation and operations, ensures the reliability of VoIP systems and services, and reduces the complexity to configure, deploy and manage QoS. To ensure reliability, XelorRate uses knowledge of the network topology to provide an accurate baseline for network elements, links, bandwidth, endpoints, etc. and to automatically enable CoS and Diffserv according to manufacturer’s QoS reference manual to eliminate human error. To ensure performance, XelorRate gives realtime traffic strict prioritization on a call-by-call basis to isolate the voice call from non-realtime data traffic. To ensure quality, XelorRate Service Admission Control technology assigns bandwidth and quality to realtime traffic and protects existing calls if congestion occurs.

Products and Services

Xelor currently supports two leading IP PBXs with its XelorRate for Avaya Communication Manager and XelorRate for Cisco CallManager. The software runs on off-the-shelf Linux servers that support Red Hat Enterprise Server. The XelorRate system includes a browser-based configuration and administration interface. Although XelorRate is built upon a unique software architecture, the solution leverages a number of industry standards to deliver SQM, including RFCs 1213, 1493 and 2674 for bridging/routing MIBs, RFCs 2474 and 2475 for differentiated services, and IEEE 802.1p/q for CoS/VLANs.


Xelor Software is the first software-only solution for SQM and the only SQM solution that automatically unleashes the data network investment, enforces policy end-to-end, and controls resources proactively, thus no direct competition has yet to emerge. The requirement for SQM is the ability to automate the network infrastructure’s support for 802.1p/q and Diffserv, establish a centralized enterprise policy for quality of service accurately and automatically, and to isolate real-time communications sessions from data traffic to avoid bandwidth contention and poor call quality on the LAN and WAN.

Hardware products do exist to measure network performance and manage bandwidth contention for the WAN and are generally considered to be in the performance measurement or WAN optimization/traffic management markets. These include Allot Communications, Packeteer, Peribit (acquired by Juniper), Brix Networks, Corvil and NetIQ. None of these products provide automatic provisioning of LAN switching and routing elements. None of these products address the bandwidth contention issues created by the overlay of real-time communications and data traffic on the LAN. None of these products maintain service quality on the LAN.

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