This is the page for YAACID. Yet Another Asterisk Caller ID.
YAACID is at http://www.shatterit.com/opensource/yaacid


This Program is a caller ID program for the Windows platform written in C#.
It connects to an Asterisk server through the Manager Interface on port 5038. YAACID can hold up to 50 calls in its Call ID History.


  • Native Windows Program written in .NET
  • Sits in notification bar and pops up when a call comes in
  • Has the ability to play any custom wav sound when a call comes in and it pops up
  • Has the ability to spawn a web browser and when a call comes in, and it can pass any of the following variables to a given web page:


For Example, YAACID can be configured to have a url like:


if a call comes in from: 716-852-5872, it will spawn a browser and go to:


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